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Bad Behavior OK for GoDaddy?

I received a report by email this morning from a user who successfully installed Bad Behavior on her GoDaddy-hosted blogs.

This is significant because for a very long time GoDaddy web hosting users could not run Bad Behavior, due to an apparently misconfigured reverse proxy which GoDaddy was running. The problem went unresolved for well over a year.

But last month I received an email from someone in GoDaddy’s security department who said he would look into the matter. It seems someone did something, as it appears people are able to use Bad Behavior on GoDaddy shared hosting now.

In my own testing against GoDaddy shared hosting sites, it appears that the header mangling which the reverse proxy was doing is no longer taking place, so Bad Behavior should run fine on GoDaddy shared hosting sites now.

If you use GoDaddy shared hosting, but have not been using Bad Behavior because it blocked everything when installed, please try it again and report back. Thank you!

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GoDaddy sucks

This will be an irregularly updated posting of reasons why GoDaddy sucks.
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