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Bad Behavior verbose logs needed

I’m now working on improved spam detection for certain circumstances where enabling Bad Behavior’s strict mode would block the spam, but would also block legitimate readers of your blogs.

For this work I need verbose Bad Behavior logs from some of you, in order to analyze the legitimate readers and differentiate them from spammers.

All data submitted will be held in strict confidence, in encrypted storage, used solely to develop the software, not shared with anyone else, and destroyed within 90 days.

If either you or most of your blog’s readers are from any of the following countries, then I need your verbose logs: China (not Taiwan), Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom.

I also need your verbose logs if you have previously had problems with people unable to access your blog while at work, but who can reach your site at home, regardless of country, when you used Bad Behavior’s strict mode.

To enable verbose logging: Go to Options > Bad Behavior, and tick Verbose logging. Let it collect data for two full business days (Monday-Friday). Then use your web host’s phpMyAdmin to export the log: Select the wp_bad_behavior table, click Export, click SQL format, and then Download to your computer. E-mail the .SQL file to badbots at ioerror dot us. You can then disable verbose logging if you wish.

Thank you for your help! This data will help stop more spammers while ensuring that legitimate readers are able to read your blog and leave comments without trouble.

P.S. Please vote for Homeland Stupidity, my other blog, in the 2006 Weblog Awards! You can vote again, even if you voted yesterday.

December 10, 2006 - Posted by | Bad Behavior, Blog Spam, WordPress

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