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Bad Behavior 2.0.7

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Bad Behavior 2.0.7 has been released.

I’ve got a nice roundup of bug fixes this time around. Most people should upgrade right away to take advantage of the fixes and additional spam protections.

New in this release (since 2.0.6):

  • A bug (apparently in MediaWiki) which caused blank lines to appear on rendered pages in MediaWiki 1.7 has been worked around.
  • In version 2.0.6 four blackhole lists were added and incoming POST requests screened against them. Two of these lists generated significant hits in which primarily non-U.S. users who hadn’t actually sent any spam were being blocked. They have been removed. (Once Bad Behavior Blackhole is up and running, the other two may be removed as well, even though they’re performing fine.)
  • Two tests which catch some spambots and content thieves which were present in Bad Behavior 1 were inadvertently dropped from Bad Behavior 2. One of the hazards of rewriting something from the ground up. These tests have been restored.
  • A check which blocks users behind a Microsoft ISA Server 2004 proxy server, and one other type of proxy server I forget the name of, has been moved to strict mode only. Please disable strict mode if you are expecting traffic from such a source, and please contact Microsoft for a hotfix, if they’ve bothered to fix the bug in their software.
  • An additional IP address range for Google has been whitelisted. If you ever receive spam from an IP address owned by Google, please notify me immediately.
  • Several additional spambots have been identified and blocked.

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As always, if you find Bad Behavior valuable, please consider making a financial contribution. I develop Bad Behavior in my spare time, and every little bit means I have more spare time to devote to its development.

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Also please note: Due to excessive levels of spam here on, which doesn’t use Bad Behavior anymore, I’ve had to close comments and pings entirely. You can reach me at without the nospam.

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