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Comments, pings closed due to spam

Comments and pings on this blog are closed until further notice.

This was, I regret to say, a last resort measure. I tend to dislike blogs which don’t accept comments and trackbacks. So why close comments?

The answer is simply this: This blog attracts hundreds of spams per day. And the only spam protection it has is Akismet.

The reason this is such a large problem is that about once a day or so, Akismet catches as spam a legitimate comment or trackback, and I have to go hunting through several hundred spams to find it.

Every day.

I don’t have time for this. But even though I was spending much too much time cleaning out the spam around here, I resisted the obvious step of closing comments for, oh, the past few months.

But lately a new version of Akismet was rolled out on which makes the problem much worse to deal with. Instead of just displaying all the spam, it tries to paginate it. But the delete button deletes all the comments, even those not shown, which just makes dealing with it even more time consuming and obnoxious.

This is exactly the sort of situation Bad Behavior was designed to solve. And in fact, at one time, Bad Behavior ran right here on, until Akismet was introduced.

But there is much too much spam coming in here to not have Bad Behavior anymore. And since Bad Behavior isn’t available here, and I’m spending far too much time on administrative crap, and not enough on writing posts, code, etc., I’ve done the only thing I can really do with this blog.

I’ve shut off comments and pings until further notice. And now I’m reconsidering whether I’ll continue to use for blogging at all. The spam problem here is that bad.

If you wish to comment privately, you can contact me at

October 16, 2006 - Posted by | Akismet, Bad Behavior,

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