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Bad Behavior 2.0.6

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Bad Behavior 2.0.6 has been released.

About four weeks ago I provided a pre-release copy of Bad Behavior 2.0.6 to a select group of testers in order to evaluate a new method of blocking spam, and it’s proved quite successful at blocking a large chunk of spam. On my testbed it blocked 953 spams and missed about 50. So I expect it to cut the spam flow even further.

I said last month I wasn’t generally releasing it immediately so that I could determine whether it blocked any legitimate users. It did indeed block two people that I know of: one was resolved in moments through the fix-it-yourself link, and the other was myself, while using a Wi-Fi access point. I determined that someone had recently sent spam through the same AP, causing the blockage. It had also caught a third person, before the pre-release, whose computer was actually sending spam at the time.

So I’m releasing 2.0.6 generally. If you received a pre-release copy, this copy is unchanged, and you don’t need to do anything.

New in this release (since 2.0.5):

  • A new blocking method using realtime blackhole lists is being used to determine if a post originates from a known spam source, open proxy, etc. GET requests are not screened. Links are provided to blackhole list removal procedures through the fix it yourself link.

Download Bad Behavior now!

As always, if you find Bad Behavior valuable, please consider making a financial contribution. I develop Bad Behavior in my spare time, and every little bit means I have more spare time to devote to its development.

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September 18, 2006 - Posted by | Bad Behavior, Blog Spam, MediaWiki, Spam, WordPress


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  2. Anyway to disable this Open Proxy checking?

    I realized my ISP sucks so much that my ip address automatically gets listed in the Open Proxy!

    Can’t do much except have tried to initiate removal.

    Comment by Ajay D'Souza | September 19, 2006

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  4. Ajay, you desperately need a new ISP.

    You could hack the code and disable the check, but having your IP address (especially if it’s static) listed in a blacklist is a Very Bad Thing. You were bound to run into problems sooner or later.

    It looks like it’s in several blacklists; but removal can only be done from your own IP address for these lists. So you might want to try that.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | September 19, 2006

  5. strenge bescherming

    notitieblogje heeft een nieuwe versie van haar beschermheer gekregen
    Bad Behavior
    die beschermer is nogal streng.
    als je problemen ondervindt als je wilt reageren
    stuur me dan even een mailtje OK?

    Trackback by | September 19, 2006

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  7. Hi Michael,

    I have already initiated that. There isn’t any other ISP to turn to, so I am stuck with them.

    Besides I am sure it will be the same all over.

    Do you know of anything that I can use to automatically look up my IP Address (dynamic, changes everytime I login) in spam lists?

    Comment by Ajay D'Souza | September 20, 2006

  8. Ew, dynamic address. 😦

    Use to look yourself up in multiple blacklists.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | September 20, 2006

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  10. Hi…
    Can I change the name of the cookie “bb2_screener_”?
    If yes, where?
    Thanks in advance.

    Comment by César de Tassis Filho | October 8, 2006

  11. […] 由 Bad Behavior 2.0.6 開始,會將留言者的 IP address 和一些 spam blacklist 網站的 blacklist IP 作出對照,如發現 IP address 是在 blacklist 內,便會禁止所有 access。 […]

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