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Bad Behavior 2.0.6 Test

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Bad Behavior 2.0.6 is currently being tested.

Many of you have noticed the large upturn in spam flow in the past few weeks. Bad Behavior 2.0 to date has blocked much of it, but has not been able to block nearly as much of it as I would like.

I am currently testing a new spam blocking method which looks, for the moment, to be catching virtually all of the remaining uncaught spam which I am seeing.

I’m not releasing it immediately, though, so that I can evaluate whether it is generating any false positives, and if so, whether the affected users are able to clean their computers of the viruses and other malware which they contain, and whether this is sufficient to resolve the problem.

It will probably be about a week before I have enough data to be sufficiently satisfied with the false positive handling to put it out for general release, but so far I haven’t seen anything which would qualify as a false positive. It did catch one human being whose computer, it turned out, was sending out thousands upon thousands of e-mail and blog spams.

But if you’d like to get your hands on this code early, I am offering a pre-release package to anyone who has previously contributed financially at least $5.00 to Bad Behavior development (or anyone who contributes now). Just e-mail me and I’ll get your copy sent out.

Keep in mind that I haven’t fully evaluated whether the new code will generate false positives, though the preliminary results are that it should not stop anyone who isn’t actually sending spam, so keep a copy of the previous release around in case you don’t like it or have problems.

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  1. […] Bad Behavior 2.0.6 is now available to test. Its incorporates new spam blocking methods to catch previously uncaught spam but is still under evaluation to ensure no false positives. At present the code is available to anyone who has contributed financially at least $5 to Bad Behavor development or contributes now. […]

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  2. Works great! 😀

    Comment by Viper007Bond | August 23, 2006

  3. Any word on IPB 2.x.x forum support?

    Comment by Tarun | August 25, 2006

  4. Somebody needs to be willing to write it up.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | August 25, 2006

  5. I just plunked the generic file into my IPB site. I’ll detail later if it works. You may want to check out this heinous thing as another ‘evil spammer tool’ to scan for and block. I can see them moving on to blogs and wikis 😛

    Comment by Ipstenu | August 26, 2006

  6. I still have spam bots getting past BB and such on my site. The problem is that if I tie the generic into the ipb functions, it breaks IPB. Post, preview, registration submission buttons all go back to the forum index.

    I’d write it up but I don’t really know php well at all.

    Comment by Tarun | August 27, 2006

  7. Tarun,

    I just put

    //Bad Behavior

    at the end of my index.php file (right above the ?> at the end) and got no errors and everything seems okay. No spammers since the 26th, and I was getting them daily. I don’t care about tracking at the moment.

    Comment by Ipstenu | August 31, 2006

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