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Bad Behavior 2.0.5

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Bad Behavior 2.0.5 has been released to provide small bug fixes.

New in this release (since 2.0.4):

  • A bug affecting MediaWiki and ExpressionEngine users, and possibly others, caused database errors to be thrown when a POST request was received. This has been fixed. (I thought I’d fixed this previously, but apparently not. This one should fix it for real.)
  • A couple of additional spambots have been identified and blocked.

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August 5, 2006 - Posted by | Bad Behavior, Blog Spam, ExpressionEngine, MediaWiki, Spam, WordPress


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  3. Hi Michael;
    Hust wondering, after spending the last few hours analyzing mod_security audit.log for a continuous spmmer trying to attack a guestbook, and finally noticed that the Header: Useragent was malformed it was
    “Useragent: Useragent: bla bla” and was wondering where and what code would be appropriate in the bad-behavior

    Comment by Dave Arrowsmith | August 8, 2006

  4. Hi!

    There’s one spammer that gets through BB very often. The name is always “John Smit Jr.” and it’s always about some forex thing. Do you have data about him, or can I help sending something about it?

    Comment by stadi | August 10, 2006

  5. hi there,

    I have thousands of john smit jr spams coming through bb but they get caught by spamkarma and akismet. anyway if you want some logs or anything else we could help you with…

    Comment by ovidiu | August 11, 2006

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  7. WordPress Bad Behavior 2

    Hace un par de meses fue lanzada la versión 2 de Bad Behavior y hace dos semanas la versión 2.0.5.

    Bad Behavior es un plugin muy rápido (milesimas de segundo por cada página vista) que busca comportamiento sospechoso en las cabeceras HTTP y bloque…

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