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Bad Behavior 2.0.1

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Bad Behavior 2.0.1 has been released to address a critical bug in the whitelisting code. All users who use or plan to use the whitelisting feature of Bad Behavior should upgrade to version 2.0.1.

New in this release (since 2.0.0):

  • A bug causing the whitelist to fail on some POST requests has been fixed.
  • Support for the LifeType blog platform has been added. This support was graciously provided by Mark Wu. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about LifeType, so I can’t really give any support for it. You can find more information at Mark’s blog.
  • Some additional checks for trackback spam have been added.

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July 9, 2006 - Posted by | Bad Behavior, Blog Spam, LifeType, MediaWiki, Spam, WordPress


  1. Bad Behavior 2.0.1

    Must have plug-in for WordPress gets a bug fix and other enhancements.

    Perfect for we who hates the spammages.

    Trackback by Anonymous | July 9, 2006

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  4. Any idea when we might get a look at the “key” index?

    I’ve hacked Simon Elvery’s “BB Log Reader” for the current version of BB, but the information is rather cryptic. I see lots of keys: (mostly “17f4e8c8”, with a few “2b90f772”, and occasionally a “00000000” (which I take to mean we kicked someone out with no reason?)). Would be nice to have something to give them meaning.

    Even a rough draft would be good enough for starters. In the meantime, I’m going to dig around a little in the source to see if there’s something there.

    Comment by Jonathan | July 9, 2006

  5. Guess I should have looked in the source before posting… “” has all the info regarding the keys. (I still don’t know what those 00000000’s showed up in the log, “Verbose logging” is OFF!

    Thanks again, and yep, donation sent.

    Comment by Jonathan | July 9, 2006

  6. All of the keys and the disposition of the request are in 00000000 means the request was permitted, but it’s logged anyway as a suspicious IP.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | July 9, 2006

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  8. Donation sent! 😀

    Thanks again buddy!

    Comment by war59312 | July 11, 2006

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