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Bad Behavior 2 Update

Bad Behavior 2 will be released within the next 24 hours.

Unfortunately I didn’t get everything on the roadmap that I wanted to implement. In the last few weeks there’s been a sharp upturn in spam, and despite the spammers’ trying to hide themselves from me, I’ve caught quite a few of them. I’ll continue plugging at the roadmap over the next few weeks, but I want to get a stable release out which will help to stem the new tides of spam we’re seeing now.

Hello, spammers. I know your secrets. I know how you operate. I know what software you use. I know where you downloaded it. I know when you wrote it yourself and when you paid someone else too much for a piece of crap that doesn’t work half the time. I know when you’ve spread a virus to take over people’s computers and run your own private spam network, and I know when you’re just renting a botnet from someone else.

No one likes you. No one truly wants what you’re selling, or you wouldn’t have to mislead them to get them to buy it. And no one will miss you when you meet the same fate as Vardan Kushnir.


July 3, 2006 - Posted by | Bad Behavior, Blog Spam, Spam


  1. Heroic work Michael!
    Look forward to the update.

    Comment by Gary | July 4, 2006

  2. Can’t wait, I’m getting bombarded here!

    Comment by Hal Rottenberg | July 4, 2006

  3. Michael, do you plan on making it easier to identify and block certain bots? For example, say a bot gets past BB. I’d like to be able to drill down in the database (or preferrably an online admin tool), look for patterns myself, and if I see a pattern, add a regex or what have you to a list.

    Comment by Hal Rottenberg | July 4, 2006

  4. Hal, yes, you’ll be able to look through the database at spam which got past Bad Behavior, if you are using verbose mode logging (don’t ask, wait for my post later today).

    Of course I want copies of this spam, so that I can block it from within Bad Behavior, so you’ll (sooner or later) also have the ability to mark it and have it automatically forwarded to me.

    Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to complete this feature prior to release, (MediaWiki special pages are a real pain, and there is NO documentation on making them) but it’s coming in the very near future.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | July 4, 2006

  5. […] Even so, Bad Behavior blocks the vast majority of web spam, and has gotten the spammers so worked up they’ve actually stopped spamming me with their latest tools, so as to try to prevent me from learning what they’re up to. (It didn’t work. “The king hath note of all that they intend, By interception which they dream not of.” — Shakespeare) […]

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