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Bad Behavior 2 for MediaWiki Update

“Your lack of faith is disturbing.”

Bad Behavior 2 Alpha 4 has been available for MediaWiki for a couple of weeks now, and yet I have received only one trouble report relevant to it: that being having to wait five seconds between edits. As I’m aware of at least one other serious problem with it that affects, as far as I can tell, every MediaWiki installation, I’m forced to conclude there is a lack of interest in combating automated wikispam.

Until someone shows me otherwise, work on the MediaWiki port will be suspended indefinitely.

Now if I’m wrong, and you ARE interested in further work on the MediaWiki port of Bad Behavior 2, then I need the following test results:

  1. Install Bad Behavior 2 Alpha 4.
  2. Browse to at least one page.
  3. Attempt to log in.
  4. Attempt to edit a page.
  5. Attempt to preview your changes.
  6. Attempt to commit your edits.

Wait at least 5 seconds between each test. Then mail me the test results, whether you succeeded or not. Be sure to include the version of MediaWiki you used. If some test failed, include any messages you saw in the browser, and anything that was logged in the server’s error_log.

If I actually get some test results mailed in, then work on the MediaWiki port will continue. Until then I am going to put my effort into the core and getting it ready for final release.


May 18, 2006 - Posted by | Bad Behavior, MediaWiki, Spam, WordPress

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  1. Just to let everyone know, MediaWiki development will continue, but it will lag behind a bit, as I need to consult with some people who actually know something about the internals of MediaWiki. If you are such a person, e-mail me.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | June 7, 2006

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