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I’m preparing the second alpha test release of Bad Behavior now, and it should be out within the next day or so. It’s currently running live on my other blog, Homeland Stupidity, and so far, absolutely no spam has escaped it, and no false positives whatsoever. I’m happy with the way it’s come out, and once again, Bad Behavior will be well ahead of the spammers — and the other available anti-spam tools.

First, the bad news. I haven’t had time to prepare the MediaWiki port or the ExpressionEngine port. I hope to have them ready after some feedback comes in on this test release. It also might necessitate changes in the core, and since I’m preparing ports for three different platforms all by myself, it’s rather time consuming. As you’ll recall, I have to give priority to things that bring me income, and Bad Behavior isn’t normally one of those things.

Now the good news. Bad Behavior 2 is still fairly simple and quite fast, as it’s actually smaller than the previous version while containing more functionality. Don’t ask me how I did that; it’s a trade secret. 🙂

Stay tuned; the test release is imminent.


April 26, 2006 - Posted by | Akismet, Bad Behavior, Blog Spam, Spam, WordPress


  1. Two comments:

    1. I’ll help test your MW port, I’m in half-speed wiki mode now, afraid to re-enable logins.

    2. Do you run any other spam tools on your own blogs or wikis or anything elses? In other words, are there aspects of spam killing for web applications that you feel BB is not meant to cover? For example you have the distributed stuff that Akismet does, and Spam Karma has several methods such as RBL.

    Comment by halr9000 | April 26, 2006

  2. The biggest problem with MediaWiki is that it allows people to make edits anonymously or semi-anonymously, without verifying their email address. There are good reasons why it does this, of course, but it should be something completely under the WikiSysop’s control. Require the user to click the confirmation link in their email before editing anything, and MW wikispam will virtually disappear.

    I also run Akismet, partially because I helped bring it to fruition, but mainly because Bad Behavior isn’t intended to catch 100% of everything. Rather it’s intended to catch 99.99% of everything, with 0.00% false positives, reduce the load on servers being hit heavily by spammers, and make it possible to stop worrying so much about spam and vandalism.

    So I always recommend people use a second, content-based method to screen for spam. The two best plugins for that on WP are currently Akismet and Spam Karma 2. The intended difference with Bad Behavior is going in to deal with one spam a day instead of 100. Spam then becomes a minor annoyance rather than a catastrophe which causes bloggers to shut off comments or stop blogging entirely. (This has happened. One blogger I know credits Bad Behavior with his return to blogging after a brief absence due to spam.)

    Comment by Michael Hampton | April 27, 2006

  3. That is where I am with my wiki. I have so much crap in the database that it will be easier to export the real pages and start over. Wiki spam is much different than blog spam though. I do want to allow anonymous edits. I guess I need to find a good content-based extension for MW but their community is much different than WordPress. Plus the WP code is a lot cleaner. Hmm.

    Comment by halr9000 | April 27, 2006

  4. I’ve loaded BB2 onto my WordPress blogs, and I’ll let yuo know how it works out… thanks again for creating this great plug-in, it’s saved me lots of grief 🙂

    Comment by Cary | April 27, 2006

  5. Most of the delivery methods for spam on MediaWiki are the same, though there are the occasional differences. The part which I think will help most with MW spam, the screener, is the part I haven’t yet finished. 😦 And while I have a running MediaWiki, it’s gathered very little attention from spammers, so I don’t see everything they’re doing. In this respect I have to rely greatly on the reports of spam that got through. So the MW port will be effective, but I can’t say for certain that it’ll be 100%, unless all the wiki spammers decide to target me. Then you can be sure it’ll happen fast.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | April 27, 2006

  6. I’ll send you daily dumps. 🙂

    Comment by halr9000 | April 27, 2006

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