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Bad Behavior and DIRECWAY satellite Internet

If you use a DIRECWAY® satellite Internet connection, you may find yourself intermittently blocked by blogs, wikis, forums and guestbooks using Bad Behavior. Fortunately there is a fairly simple solution to restore your access to these sites.

First, the problem. The Hughes DW6000 and DW7000 series of satellite modems include a built-in Web proxy server called Turbo Page. Unfortunately, Turbo Page has a bug which causes it to trigger Bad Behavior’s built-in spam protection when sending HTTP POST requests. You will be able to browse normally, but if you attempt to login, post a comment, make an edit, etc., that is when you will find yourself blocked.

It’s not clear to me at this time whether the bug exists within the satellite modems themselves or at the NOC, but until Hughes fixes the problem, a workaround exists which allows you to disable the Turbo Page proxy server so that you can access sites protected by Bad Behavior.

I would recommend that if you need to disable Turbo Page, that you do so only as long as necessary to access specific sites. Once you are done logging in, making your edits, or posting, you can re-enable Turbo Page simply by restarting the satellite modem.

To the best of my knowledge, the DW4000 series of satellite modems are not affected by this problem.

If you have one of these satellite Internet connections, please let me know when a software update comes out which fixes this problem. Thanks!


March 7, 2006 - Posted by | Bad Behavior


  1. Much quicker than disabling TurboPage is to use https: protocol which automatically avoids Turbo Page. Much neater and cleaner than having to reboot the modem.

    Comment by GadeTerbob | April 14, 2006

  2. That’s true enough, but then every blogger would have to go get an SSL certificate to put on their web sites, have to modify WordPress to support it, etc…

    Comment by Michael Hampton | April 14, 2006

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