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2006 Weblog Awards

The finalists for the 2006 Weblog Awards have been announced, and below, I’m going to tell you who I think will win in each category (except the regional ones). Before that, I have to say something about the awards itself.

Okay, so I’m a little annoyed that I wasn’t selected as a finalist in any category. But seeing the blogs that were chosen, it’s easy to see why: the Weblog Awards are strongly biased. I’ll go on about this later, especially for the benefit of those of you who don’t (can’t?) see the strong biases.

Anyway, my predictions for the 2006 Weblog Awards are:

best web application for weblogs
This one’s rather curious. I can’t see Google needing the $20.06 prize, and Blogger hardly strikes me as the best web application for weblogs. In fact, it’s one of the worst. Flickr, and Site Meter don’t exactly fit the category, so I’m not sure why they’re there at all, and that leaves WordPress as my pick for the winner in this category.
best tagline of a weblog
This one’s a no-brainer. “I make out with geeks” will far and away carry this category, and I’m not saying that because geeksmakemehot threatened not to have sex with me if I didn’t vote for her.
best podcast of a weblog
I’m abstaining from this one. I might explain why later.
best photography of a weblog
The clear winner here, in terms of photography, is chromasia. The blog itself, though, needs a lot of help, in terms of navigation. The Web is not a photo album. We’ve moved beyond that; it’s 2006! (Poor navigation is also one of my big complaints with Flickr.) The Snowsuit Effort also suffers from this problem, and is the runner-up in terms of photography.
best craft weblog
I’m abstaining here as well. Not my thing.
best food weblog
Vegan Lunch Box loses based on the simple fact that it has anything to do with vegan, a horribly unnatural and dangerous way to “eat.” If you can call it that. Anyway, this one was a tough call, but I finally settled on the Domestic Goddess. But watch out for A Food Year to be nominated in 2007…
best entertainment weblog
This was a tough one. Like most everyone else, I thoroughly enjoy hearing about stupidity. And as reporting on stupidity is one of my things, this is definitely the category I’m best qualified to judge, since celebrities seem to be even dumber than the average population. That made it easy to eliminate Go Fug Yourself, as they only cover one small aspect of celebrities’ stupidity, and Gawker, for being stupid itself. The rest are well worth your time, and the choice between them was very difficult. Even so, there must be a winner, right?
best weblog about politics
Hm, the best weblog about politics doesn’t appear on the finalist list here.
best web development weblog
I’m abstaining from this one, because I am biased.
best computers or technology weblog
Hm, well, this motivated me to finally check out Lifehacker and try to figure out why the hell people are going crazy over it. I’m going to have to pick /. as the w(h)in(g)er here…
best topical weblog
Just go read PostSecret. The others don’t even matter once you’ve seen this glimpse into humanity.
most humorous weblog
Fark. Nothing else even comes close.
best writing of a weblog
Best writing? What does writing have to do with weblogs? Oh, now you tell me! Mimi in New York is probably going to win this. After all, who can resist a hot stripper who can also write?
best group weblog
Out of those listed, I guess I’d have to go with Boing Boing. You can tell that none of them really impressed me, though.
best community weblog
Overheard in New York is just beautiful. And funny. And stupid. And it had better win.
best-designed weblog
There must be a LOT of sites out there that people missed, or perhaps people are impressed by simple designs that I’ve long since considered passé, and four of the five finalists suffer from that problem. The only truly visually stunning design of the five (remember, this is 2006, not 2001) is Subtraction.
best-kept-secret weblog
Blogger blogs are immediately disqualified. You know why. Blogger sucks. It’s barely a step above LiveJournal. People who are more serious about their blogging, but need their blog software managed for them, go elsewhere, such as TypePad or Out of the two that remain, Need Coffee is the clear winner.
best new weblog
If you have been blogging less than a year, you may not even have found your voice and your focus yet. So it’s hard to imagine a truly great blog which has been around for so short a time. But in four short months, Cute Overload! 😉 is easily the cutest of the entries here. Look for it to come out on top.
lifetime achievement
Hm, I’ve been blogging since 2000, and publishing on the Internet since 1993, but most of those ancient posts are long lost in the electromagnetic wastelands. Obviously I’m not going to win this award. Not this year, anyway. So I’m going to have to give this one — again — to Boing Boing.

I was surprised at the high quality of some of the finalists, and I was also surprised at the low quality of some of the finalists. I’ve deleted better stuff than some of the things I read on some of these blogs today. And out of the six finalists, most of which are very good, or at least tolerable, I’m going to have to go with … none of them.

What I want instead is this.

I am quite sure that this so-called Weblog Awards can’t possibly be showing off the best of the blogosphere. If it is, then we’re all in trouble. Instead, I’d like you to find the best blog you know of that should have been in the awards but wasn’t, and post them below. Later I’ll try to figure out something to do with them.


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  1. I’m of the opinion that most awards celebrate mediocracy. After all, when you have a bunch of people voting for what ‘they’ think is ‘best’, the law of averages practically dictates that average wins the day.

    Mind, I’ve been told this snarky attitude stems from a blog few people read and a decade-old website that has never won an award, regardless of being the top google search for it’s subject 😉

    Comment by Ipstenu | January 23, 2006

  2. What about best tagline? 🙂

    Comment by Jennifer Ledbetter | January 24, 2006

  3. Oh, I see it way up there. And vote or no vote, you ain’t gettin any 🙂

    Comment by Jennifer Ledbetter | January 24, 2006

  4. It’s an honor just to be mentioned to be potentially celebrated for my mediocrity in the future, then 🙂

    Comment by Ken Sloan | March 2, 2006

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