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GoDaddy sucks

This will be an irregularly updated posting of reasons why GoDaddy sucks.

  1. Their shared Web hosting service is cheap — perhaps too cheap. Their technical support people are utterly clueless and unable to assist with the most basic of issues, and throw something more complex at them, and they break out the “we’re sorry you didn’t like our service” form letter.
  2. GoDaddy’s shared Web hosting uses a reverse proxy/HTTP accelerator which mangles HTTP headers, making all but the simplest Web applications difficult or impossible to run. GoDaddy refuses to fix this.
  3. GoDaddy doesn’t run a proper whois server. It directs people to visit a Web site, instead of returning the proper whois information.
  4. Update: GoDaddy customer service representatives troll blogs and make the company look bad.
  5. Update: GoDaddy network admins will wipe your virtual dedicated server account if it gets hacked, before you have a chance to take a backup or attempt to salvage any data from it.
  6. Update: GoDaddy hosting gets hacked and the company covers it up.

If you want a VPS, this is where I use. I also have a dedicated server from these fine folks.

And I’ll give anybody who tells me they’re a current or former GoDaddy customer 10% off my normal rates for scripting, Unix admin, etc. (Which are already far less than ripoff $200 anyway!) except for anything on GoDaddy hosting.

That’s good enough for a start. What other reasons have you found for hating GoDaddy?

January 1, 2006 - Posted by | GoDaddy


  1. YES!!!!

    I was unfortunately drawn in by the low cost. I emailed them about their “shadowing” and they denied it. By shadowing I mean that through my stats I noticed that everytime my IP came up as visiting my own page, an IP with GoDaddy’s origin showed up. They said that I would have to provide proof of this for them to do anything about it. And yes, their customer service is the worst and yes they are idiots.

    Comment by Kahil | January 1, 2006

  2. I applied for a job there last year. (Wow… technically two years ago now >_>) when moving out to Arizona…
    I think I’m glad I didn’t get it. Or rather, didn’t persue it.

    OTOH, I’d like to try and ‘redeem’ tech support some.
    But alas, it didn’t happen, they dicked me around and I found another job.
    (Musing: They called me to come in for training while I was already training for the job I actually took).

    Comment by VxJasonxV | January 1, 2006

  3. go daddy is also pro spam and pro porn spam as we have documented on our blog.

    Comment by chat blogger | January 3, 2006

  4. None, actually. I love GoDaddy and I use them regularly. I have found no problems with their service — you should be wise enough to stay away from their webhosting, or any webhosting from a domain registrar for that matter. I personally use to lookup domains and to do lookups, so it’s never been a problem for me.

    Comment by Jonathan D. | January 5, 2006

  5. I have used GoDaddy only for domains and haven’t had issues there. I’m very scared of going to big players like Godaddy or Yahoo for hosting and so stick to smaller hosts.

    Comment by Ajay | January 6, 2006

  6. AJay: a fair comment as well. I wouldn’t always just go to the ‘smaller’ hosts, but rather use a company that focuses purely on the hosting aspect and puts every effort into support for that product. GoDaddy focuses on domain registration mainly, so their support isn’t focused on hosting. Lesson to learn: don’t always go for the smaller guy, but go for the company that focuses on that product.

    Comment by Jonathan D. | January 7, 2006

  7. Go Daddy has mod_rewrite installed, but they have some sort of other crap going on so that you cannot re-write php scripts, so I can’t get search engine friendly urls with wordpress 😦

    Comment by Tom | January 7, 2006

  8. They refuse flat out to update thier OWN SERVERS with the newest versions of PHP or GD2.0 Library without charging money. Check this email out:

    We have consulted with our Advanced Hosting Support team and they have informed us that this is not a request they typically process, however in this circumstance they will upgrade the 2 services for you for $300.00 USD for the custom support fee. Please let us know how you wish to proceed with this.

    Kindest regards,

    Jonathan Davis
    Office of the President
    14455 N. Hayden Rd. Suite 226
    Scottsdale, AZ 85260
    (480) 505-8828 Phone
    (480) 275-3975 Fax

    They also DO NOT transfer any databases you may have from other sites to their sites. Any other web host on the net will do this for you, simply FTP your database file to the root folder and their admins will do it for you. If you ask them a question or submit a trouble ticket, they copy and paste prewritten responses that have nothing to do with what you wrote. For instance, if you ask if they update databases, they write this back to me:

    First, log into your customer account:

    • Go to the Go Daddy Account Login Page.
    • Log in using your account username (which may be the same as your customer number) and password.

    If you have trouble logging in, our password reset form may help you. You can find this form through the following link:
    Account Retrieval Page

    Once logged in, follow these steps:

    • Select ‘Web Hosting & Databases’ from the ‘Hosting & Email’ menu at the top of the page.
    • Click the ‘Open’ link under the Control panel heading for the hosting account which holds your database.
    • Click the button for the type of database you are attempting to manage.
    • Click the ‘Open Manager’ button.• Enter your username and password for your database.
    • Click on your ‘SQL’ link.
    • Click on ‘Browse’.
    • Browse to where you have your .sql file located on your machine.
    • Once you have found it click on ‘Go’.
    • This will upload your database to your hosting account.

    Please let us know if we can help you in any other way.


    Comment by Steve | January 12, 2006

  9. Their prices are great but their service is shocking. I was amazed that their “support” was unable to tell me why my cgi scripts (which worked fine with my other host provider) would not work!

    Notice they do not have a toll free number – it is for a reason. I’ve already racked up our phone bill being put on hold! (I live in Canada).

    I think they would like it if you just sorted it out for yourself – which I’ve been doing – it’s a lot easier!

    Comment by Tom | January 31, 2006

  10. Well now, it seems we have quite a few missinformed people here. Let me address a few of these issues. Ill start at the bottom

    Tom – GoDaddy.Com is a domain name registrar and web hosting company. We do NOT provide support for custom scripting. Scripting of websites (php, asp,, cgi, java, flash, dhtml, ajax) is something people go to college for. It is also something, people charge high dollar to make. If you have learned on your own, thats awesome. But why in the fuck should u get free support, for something that web developers charge $200/hr for? As the largest domain name registrar in the world, and the fastest growing hosting company in North America, you expect us to sit down with you and tell you how to fix your code? Are you serious? Hell, why not just have us do it for you. That way you don’t have to pay $200/hr for website creation, and you won’t have to spend time or money on college! That is very unreasonable. The GoDaddy Group registers or renews a new domain name every 3 seconds. And you want us to code your site? Try again.

    Steve – You failed to mention in your post, that you are not a shared hosting customer. Id be willing to bet, you are in fact a virtual dedicated or dedicated hosting customer. Do you know the difference between the 2? Shared hosting is space on our shared server, for your website. When you go to dedicated, you are making the jump from website owner to SERVER ADMINISTRATOR. Again, another situation that we simply cannot support. If you have control over the actually machine thats running in our data center, you are responsible for your own server. We allow you to run pretty much whatever the fuck you want, because we aren’t involved. We are just leasing you the server, and making sure it isnt physically broken or compromised. THATS IT! No we wont upload your database!!! As far as php version goes, you can upgrade your shit at anytime. BUT, our version of Plesk that I bet your using, wont run on the newest php version. Not our fault. Like I said, its your server, if you want us to do your dirty work, fine but pay us.

    Kahil – HAHA shadowing? I think your trippin dude

    Michael Hampton – “Their technical support people are utterly clueless and unable to assist with the most basic of issues, and throw something more complex at them, and they break out the “we’re sorry you didn’t like our service? form letter.”

    Well now, thats an awfully bold statement. But whats the basis? Upset because we wouldnt help with your scripting issue is my guess. We run a different kind of whois server, because we have different kind of whois. If you notice, we have 2 kinds of whois lookups. Standard whois, and Business whois. We run our own shit, we arent pulling information from internic. Besides, whois lookup isnt even a product, its a service, availible from any of the other thousands of whois sites on the net. Dont like ours? Pick another one then.

    Does anyone have any legit complaints that can be dealt with? Being turned down for scripting issue because your either a) too cheap to pay someone to do it. or b) dont have the proper training to be doing what your trying to do. you need to either go back to school, learn on your own, or hire someone. This is very simple! It is unrealistic to ask Godaddy to provide you a service, that the webdesign industry would charge you up the kazzoo for. We sell domains, and hosting. We provide support for getting you started on the net, and support for when our product is not working. Scripting of a website, databases, server administration, etc. do not fall under the category of something wrong with the GoDaddy product that you purchased.

    Please be advised

    Comment by GoDaddy | February 3, 2006

  11. Hm, well, you didn’t sign the post, and your IP address is a cable modem. You sure you’re from GoDaddy? If you are, then your post provides several more reasons the company sucks.

    If you ARE from GoDaddy, please fix your reverse proxy that you have in front of everyone’s shared hosting account. It doesn’t pass through the Accept: header. And if you don’t know what that means, find someone who does.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | February 3, 2006

  12. I didn’t sign the post, because sounding off at customers, and relieving some stress, isnt exactly in accordance with company policy, sucka.
    Do a IP whois, from, and take a look at what city Im in. I am pretty sure you will find Gilbert, AZ.

    We are the largest growing hosting company in North America. We aren’t even a hosting company, we’re a registrar. Is anyone else having the same problem you are? I deal with 50 customers situations a DAY, and have yet to hear another person complain about the “reverese proxy.” If this was a huge problem, why aren’t other people complaining, and why are we getting bigger?

    Allow me to explain how complaints work at GoDaddy.Com. If enough people complain, we’ll fix it. If 1 person complains, we are gonna laugh. If its a legitimately serious problem, I’ll give you my word that it will be fixed. But we have to have a little more than 1 person complaining. What is this problem prohibiting you from doing? What exactly are you trying to accomplish? Sound off, and tell me the problem, and Ill give you a solution. Useless bitching and moaning about a reverse proxy on hosting servers, is far from a valid complaint against GoDaddy. You have labeled us as “sucking” because of our whois, and 1 part of the hosting? That doesn’t make a hell of a lot of sense. At least speak the truth, and admit that your complaints are extremely pety. Like I said, present me a REAL problem, and you will get a solution.

    Comment by GoDaddy | February 3, 2006

  13. And that’s why I tell people not to use GoDaddy.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | February 3, 2006

  14. this guy isnt from godaddy if his ip doesnt resolve to ive had them on my blog and their ips always resolve to

    Comment by chat bloggers | February 4, 2006

  15. Oh, he might be from GoDaddy, but I’m sure he would be fired on the spot if they found out he was posting this sort of stuff.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | February 4, 2006

  16. Whether he is from GoDaddy or not, the “support” I received from them just this morning sounded alot like him. I emailed about installing a client’s CGI script which I have used on more than twenty different hosts with no issue. I am not some n00b that doesn’t know how to install a flippin’ script.

    Unfortunately, we found out too late that they now claim not to support this advertised feature of their hosting. I am most disappointed that GoDaddy does not conduct itself in a professional manner if my experience is any indication.

    Comment by Tisha K. | February 6, 2006

  17. Tisha –

    Just because a cgi script is successfully run on 1 server, does not mean it will run on all servers.
    Just because a cgi script is successfully run on “twenty different servers”, does not mean it will run on all servers.

    “we found out too late that they now claim not to support this advertised feature of their hosting”

    What? Huh? What advertised hosting feature aren’t we supporting? We offer cgi-bin with our Deluxe w/ CGI hosting plan. We never once said, or claimed to provide support for installing your stuff! Whats so hard to understand here?

    You are purchasing web hosting, and you receive free 24/7 tech support in case your hosting isn’t working. You have purchased hosting, not a webmaster. You have not paid for someone to assist with your scripting efforts. Scripting and site creation is a service, that is sold by web site designers, not your hosting company and registrar.

    If your hosting server is down, Call us.
    Can’t get logged in? Call us.
    Need help getting started with your products? Call us.
    Need help making your website work? Call your web designer, or go educate yourself.

    Do you call your local water company, and ask why your Cable isnt working? I should certainly hope not! Same situation here. If you direct your questions in the right direction, you can be 1 of the millions of customers that think GoDaddy.Com has awesome service and support! Otherwise, you may direct your scripting issues to GoDaddy.Com, and then complain of your poor results.

    There are very valid reasons that we cannot provide scripting support. Firstly, we simply do not have the time to devote to assisting every single customer with their web site creation and/or maintainence. You might not be a noob, and it may only take us 10 minutes to teach you how to install your cgi script, but what about the next guy behind you? What if he doesn’t know what Linux means, and wants the same service you got? That would make our already popular support, that much more popular.

    Secondly, it is not a service you have paid for! Like I said, there is a huge industry of people who are trying to make a living doing website design. They charge money, and usually lots of it. Do you know why they charge so much? Perhaps because it can be difficult, time consuming, and it takes a great deal of knowledge and/or schooling. Which brings me to my final reason.

    Now, I happen to know that I’m extremely intelligent. I know a lot of shit, but I sure don’t know everything. But when I don’t have an answer, I find it. I am a great employee, and a highly intelligent person. However, I work for a company with 900+ employees. While there is a good chance I “might” know the answer to your scripting question, I can NOT say the same thing for every customer representative at GoDaddy.Com. Some of these employees, are obviously working with the training they have received from GoDaddy, and littlemore. Can you fault these people? Absolutely not! They are trained to help with GoDaddy products, and won’t know anything about “writing asp to write to an Access DB.”

    Furhtermore, if I assist you “just this once” with your script, and you call back in for more help and get a newbie representative, you start pissing and moaning because the newbie doesn’t understand site scripting!!!! He isnt trained to know that! He was trained to do his job, Not your job!

    GoDaddy.Com has the best support in the world. Like I’ve said, please just direct your questions in the correct place, and you will be very satisfied with our support as well.

    Comment by GoDaddy | February 6, 2006

  18. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the gentleman from GoDaddy. I work for Network Solutions and often would do anything to invalidate or otherwise refute a statement such as above but in this case I do agree with what he/she is saying. However, we don’t charge for the phone call. 😉

    Comment by NSI | February 7, 2006

  19. (I still have 2 domains with networksolutions!) 🙂

    Our #1 competitor, NetworkSolutions.Com, is faced with the same situations we are every single day. I think it is simply not possible to please every customer. I will still continue to treat customers to the best service possible, but now it’s time to put an end to these cocksuckers who won’t stop bashing a legit company for no valid reason. If there are some real problems with the company, address them in a professional manner. Geez


    And, we are charging your ass for the phone call!

    Comment by GoDaddy | February 7, 2006

  20. “It’s tough to beat for low pricing on domain registration, Web hosting and SSL secure certificates.”
    – Small Business Computing

    I saw this interesting little quote on the website.Whoever wrote it must of gotten paid off.

    Has this person actually used the cheap service, cheap quality, cheap web applications, completely crappy cheap tech support…. etc.

    Let’s spend a little less on super bowl commercials and a little more on your CHEAP services/support.

    Just an example, they farm out certificate services to this company STARFIELD TECHNOLOGIES INC… have fun bouncing from one half/hour wait time to the next -from godaddy to starfield because there cheap webapps don’t communicate…. (oh yea, kiss anything you ever knew about customer service GOODBYE ) you finally get to argue with joey justgotoutofhighschool about your problem ON YOUR DIME ( and oh yes there is going to be a problem ) because you know for a fact just “deleting cookies” doesn’t solve the problem.

    The best thing about their resolution to my particular problem was to UPGRADE my certificate. That way, I could avoid the investigation process of the SSL validation and the domain certificate I renewed 3 weeks prior would work immediately. Apparently the certificate I used with them for a year was not validated correctly( the one they validated, investigated, approved and issued for a year ). I didn’t supply the company name or some jibberish to get me off the phone…. unbelievable.

    The FAX service has major probs.. I dropped that awhile ago. Oh and have fun with there DNS manager…

    ENJOY IT’S CHEAP ! should be your quote. I doubt it would sit well with anyone at godaddy. The truth usually hurts to much to even admit your wrong.

    Old wize man say….
    YOU GET EXACTLY WHAT YOU PAY FOR. ( buy a domain name, sure… worth it. Any other services and your rollin the dice my friend. Trust me )

    Godaddy sucks period.
    The thing is , I’ve been with them from the beginning. used to be a good company. That’s why I did so much business with them through the years and recommended the service. Over the last 2 years the company has gone down the tubes …

    I never thought I’d live to say I miss the Network Solutions monopoly on domain names….

    1. They are selling web services like your ordering a big mac at mcdonalds. Running a web site and providing the services you say you can is a little more complicated Mr. Parsons. `Time to invest in your bunk software and stop blogging so much…
    2. They count on your “web ignorance” to make excuses for poorly written windows applications that are so buggy and unsupported it’s rediculous.
    3. One of various tech support kids I talked to today…. “didn’t know what a cookie was really” – “but that’s what we usually say and it seems to fix any problems” …. huh?
    4. The only industry that … you can buy a product, do everything to apply this product strictly by the directions provided(by the KILLER web app)… PAY FOR THE PRODUCT … and when it does not work as advertised or instructed they BLAME YOU … and this seems to be an okay business practice. The web is so new, people are so uneducated about how to use it and there is so much bull^&* involved… I think these mega-morons are getting away with too much ….

    Comment by Wiley | February 9, 2006

  21. This is a prime example of a person who is ignorant, and has no real valid complaints. Lets begin, shall we?

    “they farm out certificate services to this company STARFIELD TECHNOLOGIES INC”

    Hahaha. Listen, moron. We dont farm out anything to anyone. We do EVERYTHING in house, and have complete control over it all. Starfield Tech, is OUR SSL company, and it is a department, similar to the Abuse Department. We sell some of the lowest priced SSL’s on the net. Up to 256bit encryption. Whats your problem? Don’t like our name? Mad about the hold time to be transfered to the SSL Dept? They are pretty popular, especially with a Turbo SSL starting @ $19.95/yr!!!! Not suprisingly, your not the only person who needs help with their SSL.

    Fax problems? What are you talking about? Fax-thru-email? Which has so few problems, it isn’t even listed as one of the products on the Tech Support line choices. The last call I took about fax-thru-email was explaining what it meant to hear a steady “beep, beep, beep, beep.” Which, after double checking with my supervisor, we determined to be a busy signal.

    DNS Manager has no problems. You click add, edit, or delete. Its the simplest dns manager i’ve ever used. It has an uncluttered GUI, and is very easy to understand.

    “1. They are selling web services like your ordering a big mac at mcdonalds”

    Over 100 Billion Served, and still growing. I guess GoDaddy and McDonalds do have something in common…

    We register or renew a new domain name every 3 seconds. Rumor has it, that theres a marquee board in Bob’s office, that displays all domains that are being registered. Its pretty delayed though, reportedly by a year or so. That isn’t because GoDaddy sucks. And why the stabs at bob? He’s a great guy!

    “2. They count on your “web ignorance? to make excuses for poorly written windows applications that are so buggy and unsupported it’s rediculous.”

    We don’t make windows applications. We sell domain names and hosting. The only application we have made, is Website Complete, which was downloadable site creation software. This is not even availible anymore. What else could you be refering to? The “value added applications” that come with your hosting? Those are asp/php scripts that are commonly used. We dont make those. If we don’t make them, we obviously don’t support them when they arent working.

    “3. One of various tech support kids I talked to today…. ‘didn’t know what a cookie was really'”

    Did we sell you the fuckin cookie? No? Then why are you asking for support for your cookies? Like ive said, I am highly intelligent. But I can’t/won’t say that for every single person at GoDaddy. Some of these people, are relying on the training they have received, to do their JOB. That means, they are trained on godaddy products, and couldn’t give a shit about making your “contact form work”. You can not be mad at someone for not knowing an answer, when it isn’t their job to have had that knowledge.

    I guess no matter what, we can’t please everyone. But I will continue to please the 98% of the people who are very satisfied with our products and services. To those people, Thank You!

    Comment by GoDaddy | February 9, 2006

  22. Greetings,
    Dear godaddy, today I buy new domain. And want to use that phpMyAdmin. And it was NOT working. Too goddamn slow. I can’t connect your damn a class internal network. Yes I understood cheap service has some shortcomings. And that service wich I bougth was not that cheap.

    So I want to be in that %98

    Comment by Delifisek | February 9, 2006

  23. Delifisek:

    Did you just ask for tech support?! O_O;


    Transfer your domain names to Network Solutions. Listen, you need help. Network Solutions has been helping businesses get on their feet for years with reliable, fast products and our award winning 24/7 free customer support. You need to remember that the cheapest is not always the best. GoDaddy isn’t selling you inferior products, they’re just geared more torward a different customer: generally, the “in and out” professional. This is your customer who knows exactly what he needs and exactly what he needs to do to achieve the desired results. ( I don’t care much for the hosting though ) Not sure what you need? Need to be pointed in the right direction? Don’t play the game and assume you know how the internet and a domain name works. It’s pretty complex. Don’t assume. Call us. 5 minutes and we’ll hold your hand through the whole process, whatever it may be. Have some true knowledge and expertise? Let us show you the door.

    Yea, I work at NetworkSolutions. What a great place.

    Comment by The Other NSIGuy | February 10, 2006

  24. Ugh, I can’t read any more.

    Before the supposed GD (haha, a good pun) employee replied, I was gonna say they are great at being a registrar, and I’ve had no problems with them. Now I have to retract that because anybody who goes off like that at their customers–officially or not!–does not deserve my biz.

    Comment by halr9000 | February 10, 2006

  25. I was just readin through these posts and I am not into any websits etc. But, something clicked me, could it some networks solutions guy who is also acting as a GoDaddy guy, just to attract customers!!

    Just a thought 🙂

    Comment by kashmir | February 12, 2006

  26. 19. GoDaddy – February 7, 2006

    (I still have 2 domains with networksolutions!)

    Oh god. I am transfering my domains immediately.

    “You need to remember that the cheapest is not always the best. GoDaddy isn’t selling you inferior products”

    After having made the above statement, how in the world can you justify charging $35/yr for domain names, while we charge 8.95/yr for domain names? Is the domain name different somehow? No, I am pretty sure they are the same. As a matter of fact, I believe you receive the same services for free with your domain name with both companies! Oh wait, thats not even true either!

    With a $35 network solutions domain, you get a domain name.
    With a $8.95 GoDaddy domain, you get:

    1. Free QuickBlog software
    2. Free Webhosting with Website Tonight site builder
    3. Free 25mb e-mail account
    4. Free starter or for sale web page
    5. Free Domain name forwarding! (Do you guys really charge people $12/yr for that? Wow!)
    6. Free 100 E-mail forwarding accounts
    7. Free DNS management

    Why would you pay Network Solutions so much more money, for the same services? You wouldn’t. And thats precisely why GoDaddy.Com is the #1 Domain Name Registrar In The World, and #1 Hosting Company in North America.

    “they’re just geared more torward a different customer: generally, the “in and out? professional. This is your customer who knows exactly what he needs and exactly what he needs to do to achieve the desired results.”

    I would agree that we are geared towards certain customers, but certainly not towards the “in and out” customers! Thats what a vast majority of our complaints seem to be about. That we have made it too easy to be true. Countless people reply “wow, I can’t believe that was all I had to do to make that change.” We have someone here live 24/7, to walk you through how to do anything you want with your GoDaddy product. It couldn’t be more simple. Even if you DO already know what your doing, you may not need our 24.7 support, but it will be there if you ever do need it.

    “Don’t play the game and assume you know how the internet and a domain name works. It’s pretty complex.”

    What? Huh? Game? What are you talking about? If someone has a problem doing something, we help them. As far as being complex, it is very rarely complex at all.

    “Call us. 5 minutes and we’ll hold your hand through the whole process, whatever it may be.”

    Don’t be mislead folks. Network Solutions is going to assist you with Network Solutions products. They are no different than GoDaddy, in that they are simply unable to provide support for complex scripting issues. Even the FIRST Network Solutions employee has agreed with me on that issue!!!

    If you call the local butcher and ask about your car’s tire pressure, your not going to be happy with the results of your query.

    “Yea, I work at NetworkSolutions. What a great place.”

    Have they brainwashed you?

    Comment by GoDaddy | February 13, 2006

  27. Michael, your points:

    1) I abstain from answering this, because I don’t use them for webhsoting. I’m a very ‘dedicated’ person. GoDaddy is dedicated to domains, I don’t use them for anything else.

    2) See #1.

    3) I’m mixed on this, because ‘normal’ networks are spam havens, and also subject to resource abuse, and thus, downtime.
    I’d like to do it quick and easy as well, but typically when I whois I can just -n and the information should be just as up to date.

    4) See below.

    And now, all of the comments.
    #4 echoes my thoughts exactly.

    #8 (Steve) -> #10 (GoDaddy)
    *IF* Steve is a Virtual Hosting Customer, score one for the GoDaddy “Customer Service” ass hat. Unless it is a MANAGED SOLUTION, than a WebHost is not at all responsible for upgrading your server for you unless you pay them
    If Steve is a Shared Hosting customer, then yes, GoDaddy is behind the times.

    Also, *MOST* hosts transfer databases. Most, not all. I think any good WebHost SHOULD do it. But this is by no means a requirement. Unless they advertise it, you can’t complain about it (why not go to one of those other webhosts who do?).
    (It’s not hard to NOT send a completely incorrect template letter though.)

    I think the fact that Steve wants a database transfered means that he’s a Shared Hosting customer. I might be wrong though.

    So hey Mr. “GoDaddy”, you’re a flaming asshat for not considering the fact that he might be entitled to dignified support.

    #9 (Tom) -> #10 (GoDaddy)
    This is something I’m very mixed on.
    WebHosts cannot possibly support every single potpurri script the internet provides.
    I think WebHosts should put some time into ensuring it is not a configuration problem, or finding what dependency is missing. However if there is an established policy that would make the script not run for some reason, it’s not the hosts’ place to fix it.
    Their reason, their decision. Don’t like it? Don’t use it. Other people will give you what you need (assuming it’s a modest request).

    So, 1/2 a point to each team.

    #10 exclusively. Yes, they do. But I don’t want to hear you answer them, because you’re full of shit and should be holed up BY YOURSELF in the datacenter or something. You don’t need to be on the phones, you’re as horribly scorned and cynical as I am with people. Do yourself a favor and shut your trap before you fuck yourself over. Don’t want to lose your precious $12/hr. do you?

    Even in #12 he spells it out.
    I wouldn’t even trust them with my e-mail.
    I trust them with my domains, and my domains alone.

    GoDaddy doesn’t suck, this GoDaddy employee sucks for being a total idiot.

    #14, hey buddy. People connect to the internet from home. Total shocker I know, but it DOES happen.
    (Just like Michael said in #15)

    “GoDaddy” unfortunately has it right in #16. Even if his euphamism is totally off the mark.
    Now, I happen to know that I’m extremely intelligent. I know a lot of shit, but I sure don’t know everything. But when I don’t have an answer, I find it. I am a great employee, and a highly intelligent person.
    The most intelligent people are socially the biggest retards. WELCOME TO YOUR EGO YOU FLAMING JACKASS.

    If what he says in #21 is true (Starfield is the same company) than it comes as no surprise to me.
    Starfield is the least of customers worries. If you have the security, and the CO/CN/SSL fields match, it’s really not a big deal.
    I have heard however, that the certificates are so cheap because they’re Chained (Chained Root is the specific term IIRC) to a bigger provider.
    Did you know that webhosts buy certificates for pennies and turn around and jack up the price to make a nice profit?
    I do. GoDaddy isn’t doing a bad thing in terms of SSL.
    However, again, fuck GoDaddy for webhosting.

    Also, DNS comes with the webhost. I use the domains, point them to the nameserver, and I’m DONE with GoDaddy.

    For the record, NetworkSolution’s was the #1 most often registrar I heard about at my last job. I forget what the issue was, I think it was related to the 2004 ICANN locking/transfer rule changes, however. I don’t remember though.
    In no way should you take this as a flame, especially since I don’t entirely remember the issue I dealt with so often.

    And lastly, #26:
    If you call the local butcher and ask about your car’s tire pressure, your not going to be happy with the results of your query.
    Again. You make the most HORRIBLE euphamisms, EVER.

    I can’t really fault this guy for being anything other than a total and complete jackass.
    But perhaps that’s the biggest fault.

    Comment by VxJasonxV | February 15, 2006

  28. Godaddy does suck, I’m just learning that. I have only been using them for a month but they use the shittiest software in the world. Why the hell they don’t even have the newest mysql I have no clue. This GoDaddy employee just doesn’t get it.

    Don’t complain that customers ask for support when it’s YOU who chooses to have your servers completely different from every other host in the world. YOU CAN’T EVEN DO MOD REWRITES on godaddy!!

    You tell me to use google to fix their own problems, but when your server doesn’t work like any other in the world, how are people supposed to figure it out? Are we supposed to “guess” how your software works?

    Comment by Matt | February 15, 2006

  29. To clarify the above, godaddy does have mod rewrite but it won’t rewrite to PHP files. Again, godaddy chooses to have shit software and not upgrade, ever.

    Comment by Matt | February 15, 2006

  30. The problems with GoDaddy are too numerous to even start going into detail about — outdated server software, email issues, HORRIBLE customer service, lack of knowledge…

    Buyer Beware — do your research and stay away from this dispicable company. They are no doubt the most unethical company in the hosting/domain industry!

    Comment by Mike Forbes | February 16, 2006

  31. In order to subscribe to comments here, coComment forces me to leave a comment… so that’s what I’m doing right now.
    Feel free to delete this, Michael.

    Comment by VxJasonxV | February 16, 2006

  32. To the GD shit for brains… lay off the tweek for one thing dick head.

    “We don’t make windows apps ….”

    Notice the last 3 characters in that link. If your too fuckin stupid to know what I’m talking about … that’s probably why your just another nit wit without a clue at

    “Did we sell you the fuckin cookie?”
    No, and that had nothing to do with the problem but that’s one of the default answers for anything from The fact is.. the certificate I renewed with GD weeks prior expired… another neato thing was there was domains I didn’t even register in your crap windows interface( that’s supposed to be “ERROR FREE” ) .. to name a few problems. And oh yeah, I was told a year ago by another knucklehead that SFT was a different company…. and if they ARE the same company the genius developers at GD need to wire there ass’s together so it functions like the same company.

    Needless to say I didn’t UPGRADE to fix my problem and I still haven’t gotten a refund. I went back with thawte and all is well.

    If this moron is from I think he’s a shining example of the mentality they have there from the top down… and I’m sure if he talked like that to any customers in “real life” he’d be missing teeth… along with the other “manager” I talked to on the phone that blackmailed me and screwed over my client.

    These little nitwits like this are new kids on the block and think they can get away with murder… I suspect this particular imbecile got his first computer a few years ago.

    at first it was funny until I started to pay pay pay $$$….

    Comment by Wiley | February 17, 2006

  33. I’m sorry you guys have had bad experiences with GoDaddy. They have been good to me! I was a customer for 2 years before I started working there, and tho I don’t always agree with the way things are handled, they DO try and do what’s best for you guys.

    I’m sorry you don’t see that, and apparently my co-woker has dampend your feelings even more. I agree there are people at GoDaddy who are not that smart, and obviously he is one of them. (not to say I’m not either… :-P) I do work for the place, but as I said they’ve been good to me.

    I would like to seriously talk with any of you about your issues with GoDaddy, and see if I can better explained why GoDaddy did what they did…

    Comment by GDGuy | February 18, 2006

  34. Hey gocrappy Guy?

    Spare us all the 3rd grade PR baloney posts Okay….

    Anyone that’s had a bad experience with gave you the time and money to act like a respectable business. I certainly did… Your feeble attempt here is completely laughable not to mention you don’t sound far off from 17.

    Pull your head out, and then find a real job. Grow up a little then maybe you can talk to me.

    I can’t wait until gocrappy tanks and you have to get your old job at the video store back…

    Comment by Wiley | February 18, 2006

  35. How about upgrading your software so that it’s not years behind? That would be a start to fixing the bad pr problem.

    Comment by Matt | February 18, 2006

  36. i am hosting two sites using Godaddy’s Delux with CGI plan.

    i understand Godaddy’s policy on not assisting you with your scripts etc etc, however, is it not reasonable to ask for a section on Compatability. Such as these type of scripts will work on our servers, these won’t?

    I feel like Godaddy knows exactly what they are doing, and almost like they make simple standard scripts unusable so you have to use their paid services.

    i wanted to install a simple shopping cart using their “CGI” folder, and can’t find any documentation, or useful FAQs on compatability.

    I am assuming this is because Godaddy offers Quick Shopping cart as a service, and offering alternate solutions for a shopping cart costs them their extra $20-$50 a month.

    This shopping cart script i was using worked on another server, but won’t work on Godaddy’s servers. And before anyone flips out, i can accept the valid point that what works on one server will not work on another. But I feel like there should be some type of guidance provided by the web hosting company as to what will and won’t work.

    Guidance as to compatability, and then you are on your own figuring it out, and making it work.

    That just seems reasonable to me.

    i had the same response from customer support that others on here have had, not much help or knowlege of CGI scripting. And Yes, I understand, it’s not Godaddy’s job to work on my scripts.

    But I do feel as a webhost (which IS the service I am paying for),they should at the least offer you written explanations on what is accepted, and what isn’t accepted on their servers.

    if anybody out there has had success installing a php, or mysql drivin shopping cart on’s servers, I would be eternally grateful for your feed back as to what cart, or scripts you used.

    Everything i have tried has failed.

    Thank you for your time and help.

    Comment by Meta | February 22, 2006

  37. Meta, as I said previously, you really should find a better Web host.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | February 22, 2006

  38. thanks for the feedback
    you’re probably right.

    in this particular case, the client i am building the websites for prefers godaddy because that is where all of her domains etc are registered under, and she wants to keep her hosting with them.

    so i have to try and do what i can with what godaddy has to offer.

    to sort of answer my own question, i just found a site that appears to be hosted on godaddy, using godaddy’s ssl certificates, yet doesn’t seem to be using their quick cart service.

    they seem to be using zen cart, and it appears to be running smoothly.

    i am going to play with it a while and see if i can’t get it up and running.

    Thanks all!

    Comment by Meta | February 22, 2006

  39. The reason for that is they are NOT using GoDaddy for hosting.

    As for your client, even I have domains with GoDaddy; they’re very good at it. That’s no excuse for also buying a bad product.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | February 22, 2006

  40. Michael Hampton, some of us made the mistake of buying a lot of hosting from GoDaddy in advance, and can’t simply pick up and move without throwing that investment in the trash.

    Of course I acknowledge that I should have done more research prior to signing up, but it’s not as if there are a lot of obvious alternatives. Telling people to sign up for a host that only does hosting isn’t very specific.

    Part of the reason I signed up with GoDaddy in the first place is that I at least know it’s reliable. I don’t have to worry about the business going belly up 6 months from now, and I WOULD if I just typed “web hosting” into google and found a host i’d never heard of that way. The only webhosting that I do have faith in is dreamhost, but godaddy’s prices’ being half of theirs is what lured me.

    Comment by Matt | February 26, 2006

  41. Matt, you already threw the money in the trash when you gave it to GoDaddy. Moving now will save you a lot of pain, not cause it. GoDaddy caused your pain, and the sooner you move, the less it’s going to hurt.

    Economists have a name for this: cutting one’s losses.

    As for cheap, reliable hosting, it can be found. I even provided a link to one such company. I bet you didn’t click on it the first time. How about this time? 🙂

    Oh, and never trust a company that requires a long contract. If they don’t at least provide you the option of month-to-month hosting service, that’s a big red flag saying you do not want to do business with GoDaddy or any other such company.

    Buy a month of hosting, check it out, make sure everything works and you’re getting reasonable service, and then buy a year if you want.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | February 27, 2006

  42. Not to refute anyone’s claims, just some FYI….
    I was able to get Zen Cart to work with Godaddy’s Delux with CGI plan.

    For those that hate Godaddy, this seems like a good way to hitem where it hurts, right in the pocketbook.

    Save some money on the Quick Cart (between $20-$50 a month) and install your own cart.

    There are probably others that work, but this one i was able to do personally.

    thanks again

    Comment by Meta | February 27, 2006

  43. More FYI,

    1. You people are complaining about their web hosting that is less than 4 bucks or even free with a domain name. Arent you getting what you are paying for? I dont think any of you have a right to bitch when you signed up for it, and not to mention its cheap.

    When Godaddy stops getting stupid ass customers contacting them and saying “My site doesnt work”, and “Why dont you support Microsoft Products” they will give you better service. Its because of these morons that the economy keeps going.

    Also, most issues arise because of the customers. Godaddy along with ANY other hosting provider will say the same thing. About 90% of their web hosting are purchased by customers that dont even know what DNS stands for or what a domain is. I would suggest looking this shit up yourself before bitching because your “domain doesnt work”.

    Comment by Meso | March 1, 2006

  44. And one more thing, you people keep complaining on how they screwed you, and how you are going to move away. This blog is registered (ironically) at Godaddy.

    Comment by Meso | March 2, 2006

  45. Meso. What the fuck are you talking about?
    Domain registration != web hosting

    I GUARENTEE YOU that Automattic (Matt, Donncha, Ryan, etc. etc., i.e. the WordPress devs) don’t host out of GoDaddy.

    Comment by VxJasonxV | March 4, 2006

  46. Seems like a bunch of people from multiple companies check this page out. I have also noticed that the godaddy croud tends to like whining. You may assume that you are only representing yourself, but you are giving your company a bad reputation. Ask your boss if it is appropriate to talk to your customers this way. Also consider if cussing at your customers will benefit your company. With that in consideration, I know that you probably only represent a small demographic within your firm and hope that I will recieve an appropriate response.

    I want to pose a question and hope that I recieve an appropriate answer so that others may benefit from it as well. I am programming with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and want to connect to and edit the SQL server (that I have purchased through godaddy) from within Visual Studio. I believe I am using shared hosting, but do not believe that should effect this.

    After trying several different variations on Server/Host name, I found something on the godaddy website that says they do not permit remote connections. I am hoping I am not simply out of luck on that, because the ease of programming through Visual Studio would be significantly greater. If I am out of luck, I am willing to learn the way that godaddy does it or another optimal solution.

    I am fairly new to SQL server as well, so this doesn’t help, but would appreciate getting pointed in the right direction. If anyone knows of some online references or good books I would appreciate it.


    Comment by ng | March 6, 2006

  47. Virtually every other web host out there permits remote connections to their SQL servers, though you generally do have to specify the IP address to be granted access. All of the hosts on my short list of hosting providers permit this.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | March 6, 2006

  48. […] To get a better picture of what I am talking about check: […]

    Pingback by Do or do not, there is no try! » Watch out for your hosting service | March 9, 2006

  49. Dear NG,
    Unfortunately, Godaddy does not allow 3rd party connections through dabases. You would have to edit it through the PHPMyAdmin that they use.

    If you are having trouble connecting to the database from your site, you can paste your connection string on here and I can have a looky.


    Comment by Larry | March 12, 2006

  50. You idiots are getting owned by this GoDaddy guy. I found it rather amusing.

    Comment by Laughing | March 22, 2006

  51. Godaddy,

    I don’t care what you say, your Virtual Hosting tech support “Tiger Team” blows ass. When one leases anything else in this world, the OWNER is supposed to do upgrades and repairs. When you say your Plesk won’t handle the newest PHP, well, YOU need to do something about that. You say it’s not your fault, well, who’s is it? It’s YOUR machine. I sure as hell didn’t install that Plesk version. Plesk sucks anyways. Get with the program and start using c-panel.

    I can’t physically walk into godaddy’s server room and touch that machine, so in reality, I have no physical control over it whatsoever. You are just leasing me a service and not a server at all. It would be different if you mailed me a physical server and said, “Here, now it’s your repsonsibility to take care of it.” I would understand. Your company is misleading, they should make it CLEAR that all upgrades are the leasers responsibility, not godaddys.

    I see godaddy has suddenly added a “Legal” agreement for dedicated services now that states all upgrades are my responsibility, that was not there when I signed up over a year ago. Or I would’ve known.

    Comment by Steve | March 23, 2006

  52. cPanel sucks even more than Plesk, and it doesn’t handle the newest version of just about everything.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | March 23, 2006

  53. Steve:
    I have two words for you:
    and UnManaged

    Please do your research and see just what each one means.
    Oh, and please do see which one GoDaddy offers…

    Comment by VxJasonxV | March 24, 2006

  54. Dear Steve,

    Your a fucking idiot. Plesk is not owned by godaddy. It is owned by SWSOFT so save your bitching for them you dumbass. Also, why don’t you get your own server at home to manage physically so you wont cry and bitch on these forums of how you can’t, and the TOS was always there when you signed up. Godaddy never just releases something like a dedicated server to the public without doing so. Your a moron. What other provider provides better support? Exactly, so shut the fuck up.

    Comment by Meso | April 2, 2006

  55. Jea jea jea kupi krompire za sutra i nemoj zaboravit jer necemo imati sta jesti. Napravi pire jer cu te istuc kelo!

    Comment by Djoni | April 13, 2006

  56. Say, Michael.

    Is this Meso troll the same guy as ‘GoDaddy’ from above? Just curious :-).

    Comment by VxJasonxV | April 17, 2006

  57. The biggest problem I have with GoDaddy – other than their ulta-annoying and poorly designed Web site, is that owner Bob Parsons openly condoned the torture of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay.

    Simply shameless. Is this a company anyone who has any respects for human rights wants to do business with?

    Comment by Alex | April 17, 2006

  58. Until next week I will be a Godaddy customer.
    After reading those lines I “realize” that the problem is not with me and Godaddy cannot provide the service I need.
    I am trying to do a simple import with the phpmyadmin and it’s getting stuck. The customer service told me they cannot “debug” my code.
    I was telling him that my “code” was an sql file exported via the phpmyadmin from another account in Godaddy.
    He wasn’t able to help me. In 2 weeks I am going live with my web-site.II cannot trust them anymore.
    get a real hosting company.
    Do you have any recommendations?

    don’t get me wrong. Godaddy worGodaddy$.I have another website that is very simple and it’s working fine in godaddy but Godaddyal work needs to be done with a serious company

    Comment by Pablo | April 18, 2006

  59. Do not purchase their virtual dedicated servers. I purchased a block of space about 4 months ago. Recieved a call one night that my account had been hacked, and someone was using it to compromise the network layer. They said “We have to wipe your account”, I say “why, they say “because someone has taken it over”. I ask them to look at the logs. They have to call the “data center” who then informs me – No logs. How I ask you on a virtual dedicated server thats sandwiched hopefully between some NIDS HIDS and a slew of taps, firewalls and DMZ’s and hopefully some honeypots can you not pull a log to find out how the intruder got in and what he/she/it did. To top it off – the 10 gig of FTP server storage that I have to log into via their server through SSH (very frustrating) to do backups on, would not allow me to pull my backups off – I lost everything – I think like 20 accounts.

    One more thing. $200/hr for scripting? sounds like godaddy pricing.

    Comment by Martin Whitecotton | April 21, 2006

  60. If you want virtual dedicated servers, this is where I use.

    And I’ll give anybody who tells me they’re a current or former GoDaddy customer 10% off my normal rates for scripting, Unix admin, etc. (Which are already far less than ripoff $200 anyway!) except for anything on GoDaddy hosting.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | April 21, 2006

  61. Please take Michael up on this offer – anyone who cares about their data and sanity. I have built a new server and reconstructed all of my accounts from personal backups.

    I am a developer too – but I will not steal Mr. Hampton’s thunder as this is his domain.

    On a side note I am starting a site that continues to open awarness of the dangers of big players like Godaddy that have corrupted the moral fabric of what the internet was. Stay Away!!!

    I will keep everyone posted on development of this community, and anyone that would like to help administer, please feel free to contact me.

    Comment by Martin Whitecotton | April 23, 2006

  62. Meso,

    Did I say Plesk was owned by godaddy? Nope. Who’s the idiot now? Maybe you should take some reading comprehension classes, idiot.

    Comment by Steve | April 29, 2006

  63. Meso,

    To add, there are tons of other providers out here that have better service. Any other company that leases servers guide you to the TOS, Godaddy DOES NOT DO THIS, BEWARE ! You really have to look for it, then you might not even find it. VERY MISLEADING GROUP OF PEOPLE !

    This guy Meso or Godaddy (he thinks he’s fooling people) is nothing but a hate filled blog troll who hates reading the truth. For God’s sake, godaddy is still using PHP v4.2.2 ! What’s that about ! lol…you freaking dolt.

    Comment by Steve | April 29, 2006

  64. To anyone at GoDaddy: Go Fuck Yourself.

    To everyone else: Try this:

    Never had a problem with them, support tickets are answered within about 20 minutes, and if you DO happen to sign up, please put “William Hook –” as the referrer, so I can get a free month. 😉

    Comment by William Hook | May 15, 2006

  65. Does GODdaddy work with the US government and share information? Something that has bothered me the last few months is the recent announcement that GODdaddy opened an office in Washington DC to, so they say, PROTECT its users. I have written to the Gods, but they will neither confirm or deny this is true.

    Any ideas?

    GoDaddy Opens Office in Washington. Last update: 01.19.06 … DC Matha Johnston has been appointed as’s Director of Government Relations, …

    Any comments? How can we get them to fess up?

    Comment by Tom O | May 16, 2006

  66. Read the site if you want an ex employees opinion

    Comment by GoDaddy Sucks | May 22, 2006

  67. Suggest you try EhostPros for low cost hosting.

    I use Godady domains but I don’t use there hosting.

    Comment by tm | May 24, 2006

  68. This just adds to why GoDaddy sucks…

    Comment by Jonathan | June 6, 2006

  69. I worked for Go Daddy as tech support and I received calls ALL THE TIME! from customers wanting me to troubleshoot their code… I DID go to school for it but I had a job to do with product support and legitimate customer needs, I didn’t feel that it was fair for me to spend my time troubleshooting someones code while other customers with support needs had to sit on hold and wait while I worked with one customer who should have hired someone or went to school like I did to fix their own code. I have had my website hosted, marketing tools, and domain names with Go Daddy for years and have had NO problems. Their staff is well trained and helpful when dealing with legit inquiries. I haven’t worked there for a long time just in case you think this comment is for brownie points. I can say I would go back to work for Go Daddy in a hot minute if they needed me, it is a great company to work for and to be a customer of. They care about the little guy… how many companies can you say that about?

    “Sondra climbs down of her Soap-box” lol

    Comment by Sondra Lee | June 7, 2006

  70. I’ve dealt with both GoDaddy and NSI. I wouldn’t just them with anything anymore. Neither company follows RFCs, they’re both prospam having both of them sold my personal information, and service is very poor if existant at all.

    Comment by drmike | June 22, 2006

  71. I agree completely that Godaddy sucks. There business seem to be to just reply with as much stupid stuff that you get tired or until they have convinced you that it’s in fact your fault that things on their servers do nto work as they are supposed to.

    One morning my website just gave me this error “Application unvailable”, after contacting support they first claimed it was because my website had more than 100 consecutive connections, after replying that was unresonable they then changed their claim and said it was a coding issue and that looking at my website would cost me additional fees.

    I then deleted every script on my site and put up a page containing Test and asked them why their server still gave me the same “Application unavalilable”, they continued to claim it was a scripting error and that sending it to their “advanced department” would require me to pay a fee.

    At this point my website still doesnt work, they continue to claim it is a scripting error (despite the single page containing no scripting at all) and they have not fixed it.

    I am now looking for another hosting company, it’s obvious to me that despite godaddys size they have no idea what they are doing and they have complete assholes hired in the support department that hates their jobs and just want the customer to go away.

    Comment by PL | June 23, 2006

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  74. These people seem a little tense and stressed out.

    We need to send in the GoDaddy girl…

    Comment by GoDaddy Guy #2 | July 9, 2006

  75. I have a complaint about GoDaddy. I just signed up for a domain with hosting yesterday. Everything seemed great and I even got a few pages working.

    Then today, I found that I couldn’t get ftp access and my pages weren’t loading up through my browser. After scratching my head for a while, I thought I’d check my email to see if I’d been given a heads up on a server maintenance or something.

    To my surprise, I had about 7 emails telling me that my account had been cancelled and that I had been given a refund. From the messages it seemed as if GoDaddy was telling me that I had cancelled my account. I know this because one of the emails was asking me to fill out a survey telling GoDaddy why I had decided to cancel my domain/hosting.


    I went to GoDaddy for domain registration and hosting because they were the only company I knew. I didn’t know about their bad reputation and thought that they had to be fairly decent.

    But after this experience, I too know that GoDaddy sucks bigtime.

    And as for that GoDaddy representative who was responding to people above. That was pretty unprofessional and another reason why GoDaddy sucks. From those comments it’s so obvious that the GoDaddy employees look down on their clients and this essentially the problem.

    Can someone lead me to a good domain registrar and host? GoDaddy are only good for making lame advertisements that have nothing to do with webhosting in the first place.

    Comment by dremos | July 10, 2006

  76. I worked at Godaddy for 1.5 years. In three different departments. What a waste of my life!!! Most of the complaints are legit and real. Bob Parsons is an asshole unless you are making him money. I personally watched him verbally abuse and fire someone for the lamest reason. The direct manager saved that persons job and told me that Bob “goes off like this sometimes.”

    The tech support people are pressured into selling you something when you call. I know, I was one of them for 6 months. If you call with a tech support problem and don’t want to buy anything, you are rushed off the phone. MANY of the “tech suppport” people are not technically savvy at all. They cover the basics of the internet, email, IPs and domains in training and let you sink or swim on the rest. I knew more about IT than the fucking 19 year old person training us.

    The reseller program is an utter joke as Godaddy is constantly breaking the agreement. Find a reseller of their’s that is happy. You’ll find one or two out of thousands. It is STILL easy as pie to find out that a reseller is really on Godaddy’s servers and network. Come on guys, at least change the hosting names and IPs for your resellers!!! I personally heard Parsons, as he walked through the billing department with investors, say that “We’re (Godaddy) happy to take their money while they try to compete with us. Very few do anything with their reseller account, so we just bank all this extra revenue.”

    The guy in here that is so gung ho about Godaddy is probably someone hired to say all this. Or you are a newbie and your taste for them will sour too. I wasn’t fired, I got smart and left. Screw that place! Parsons is a Nazi, you can get fired there for smoking a cigarette in your own damn car!

    Fuck you Tyler
    Fuck you Nikki
    Fuck you Brett
    Fuck you Godaddy guy, your day will come
    and fuck you Mikey

    I make more than you do now and I don’t have to fuck over my employees and customers to do it.

    Comment by eM | July 12, 2006

  77. Ok, first off: Everyone that says GoDaddy sucks because of poor customer service is a retard.

    Second: Everyone posting AS GoDaddy (or one of it’s reps), are retards.

    Now that THOSE are out of the way, let me clear up a few mis-conceptions; GoDaddy does not support your broken code. And no, your ignorant “But it worked on my other host” comments don’t fly. Why? Because from one version to another, if you have so much as the wrong letter capitolized, your script will break. GoDaddy doesn’t care, because you need to keep up with your script versions anyway, and they don’t do coding or web-design. Pay someone $300 for that like everyone else, don’t complain to your $3.99 web-host. Or here’s a thought, have more than 70 IQ points and code your site correctly.

    SPEAKING of coding errors, everyone who whines that “GoDaddy wouldn’t upgrade their servers for me!”, listen up; If you buy a Virtual Dedicated or Dedicated server, guess what? It’s YOUR server. All GoDaddy does is plug it in and make sure it’s on the network. They’re nice enough to PRE-INSTALL your OS (windows or linux, because windows sucks), management system (Plesk, turbopanel, cpanel, whatever), and then hand over the keys to you. If you buy a server when PHP4 is around, then PHP5 is release, they have NO reason to upgrade YOUR server. You want PHP5? YOU upgrade it. Don’t know how? Maybe you shouldn’t admin your own server.

    Speaking of being the admin on a server, all the other whiners that complain “GoDaddy erased my server and didn’t even let me back up my data because they got hacked!”: In the preceeding, replace “my data” with “flagrant security hole” and “they got hacked” with “I let some hacker exploit my outdated version of phpBB that I didn’t feel like upgrading so they gained access to my server and bogged down the entire system because I’m a retard” (if this situation doesn’t apply to you, insert whatever buggy, outdated, mis-scripted garbage you were trying to run securely but didn’t know how to). If you become a security risk, yes, GoDaddy will shut you down. Have a nice day.

    Oh yeah, and any good webmaster, admin, or even end-user, should be intellegent enough to have the forsight to keep local, offsite, and redundant backups of your data at all times. Not one or the other, all three.

    Next up: People who think the GoDaddy TOS is somehow hidden. YOU HAVE TO CLICK THAT YOU AGREE TO >ALL

    Comment by Ace | July 17, 2006

  78. (continued…) …>ALL

    Comment by Ace | July 17, 2006

  79. (continued again because wordpress doesnt know how to properly escape special characters…) -ALL- OF THE TOS AGREEMENTS BEFORE YOU CAN EVEN CHECK OUT. Goodness! There are links RIGHT NEXT TO THE CHECKBOXES that link DIRECTLY to them. How is that hidden? You guys probably just do what you always do and say to yourself “Eh, there’s nothing important in there” and skip past it, if you even NOTICE it, otherwise you just click on whatever makes the next page load like a trained monkey. You’re the same people who get a windows error and just close it, then call tech support and when they asked if you got an error, you say “No, it just stopped working, your program sucks!”

    Ooooh yes, reading up I see someone is advising against a “Long contract” with GoDaddy. I got news for you: GODADDY DOES NOT HAVE A CONTRACT. If you buy shared hosting for 2 years (24 months for those of you who can’t count), and you think it sucks after 30 days, guess how much money they will refund you… 23 months! Shocking! And hey, if you think it sucks after 2 or 3 days, guess how much then? The FULL 24 months if you have them check with a supervisor.

    I could go on, but I’ll end on this: Let say some hotshot smartass rep at GoDaddy is giving you a hard time. You know what you get you do? First, tell them you don’t want anything else. If you want, just say “I do not want to hear another single offer of another one of your products for the rest of the call”, and since it’s a direct telling, not a request, you’re TELLING them not to offer, they probably wont. If you really get pissed, demand a supervisor to report them. What are you afraid their going to do, hang up on you? If they fail to give you to a sup, they can get written up or worse. Hang up on you, guess what? Immediate termination. Security will PHYSICALLY walk over to the desk and walk them out, just like every other over-the-phone tech job.

    Nevermind GoDaddy, I’m sick of stupid, uninformed, unlearned, ignorant, and just plain lazy people complaining that ANY tech support line sucks because they have their head so far up their own behind that they can’t see past their own crap.

    Comment by Ace | July 17, 2006

  80. I know it sucks, but if you don’t have the choice, and want to install WordPress but don’t know how, I made this easy to follow tutorial that could help.

    Comment by Mel | July 20, 2006

  81. My VPS was broken from the get go (9 months ago). They finally agreed their template had an error in it and fixed the problem a week after I created the account. So this “fix” also broke Plesk’s upgrade features. I cannot upgrade packages or Plesk unless I do it manually. Their solution: copy everything over to the backup server (ftp, not Plesk backup), dump all my databases and backup, download all my email (I’m using imap), download all my clients/users email, then have them recreate the VPS (takes about 5 hours). Does it matter that they broke it? Does it matter that I am paying a license fee to them for something they broke? Does it matter that the manufacturer of the software requires you to get updates from your vendor who will not help you (Godaddy)? Apparently no.

    I understand about covered support. I have managed large technical support call centers for ISP’s. Godaddy’s support has tanked. It appers they have documenters answering the phone and a few people behind the scene who can actually answer and fix things. Problem is the tier one is too frequently tier 0!

    I have had a series of problems. None have anything to do with my code, my intervention, etc. Part of my job is to administrate over 5000 Unix servers. I have a Godaddy account with Plesk so I don’t have to help others on my server administrate crap. That and if I want to move I can migrate from one server to another easily using Plesk (now that I’m at Godaddy, that’s a big maybe). I should have left months ago.

    Time to go shopping. Good place to find reviews or recommendations on other providers?

    Comment by Tom | July 23, 2006

  82. Since moving my web site to, I have had more problems in both email service and hosting than I have had at any other prior hosting supplier. To be fair, there are many tech service people who do their best and mean well, but the bottom line gets dragged into the mud by the corporate self-serving deniels. I chose GoDaddy for two main reasons – their web stats and being able to have a dedicated IP address. But my web site has gone down several times and after pushing through their front line of – the cause can’t be happening here, routine, it is discovered that the dedicated IP address that I am paying for, is not properly resolving. Each time, I ask what the problem is and why it keeps happening, I am told that it is confidential information but that it should not happen again – and then it does.

    Here is my recent short and restrained email to their second level tech support:

    You are not building any confidence in your hosting products and services whatsoever. As a matter of fact, you are accomplishing just the opposite. I purchased a dedicated IP address from GoDaddy because I wanted it and you offered it. GoDaddy has been marketing an image of quality customer services and products. Yet, in the case of my dedicated IP address, GoDaddy appears to be playing a shell game. GoDaddy’s failures here, and ensuing cover-up and denials are extremely self-serving and result in horrific customer service. I have no doubt that GoDaddy has a lot of dedicated and sincere individuals, but this is beginning to sound and feel like a boiler room hosting plan that just can’t deliver the goods as promised. My bull-shit meter is way into the red and I really dislike getting screwed.

    Comment by Greg | July 26, 2006

  83. I see through here that godaddy actually says they actually back to people to try to correct problems if it is not just one person.Well that poor one person if it is a godaddy screw up. I have tried everything to have someone in a managerial position in the presidents office get back to me and ha ha. They sold me my domains and Website Complete Deluxe edition to build my site and shopping cart. I completely explained it was a part time business and I had a very limited amount of time to put my site together due to work and school responsibilies too. I was told this was a perfect solution for me. About a year later I finally had the site set up (adding over 100 pproducts individually with descriptions and finding pics. Went back to them and bought hosting. Problems started when I tried to upoload site. Site would not accept my shopping cart/ Called service and told they stopped supporting the program I bought. I asked why I was not told there was a deadline to have my site hosted with them and was told to write the presidents office. Someone from the presidents office got back to me and said to recall tech support and that they should upload site because I bought pachage while they were still supporting it. Called tech support again armed with email from presidents office and told they would not do anything to help me, told me my only solution would be to now buy monthly program they have and redo shopping cart ( I thought maybe they would offer to populate shopping cart for me seeing I already did all this work but why be that helpful). They then refunded my money for the hosting and web site complete program saying I requested it after they told me that was the only solution to my problem. What I wanted was a website and trusted them to steer me in the right direction. They can’t refund me the time I took setting this whole thing up. They totally discounted everything that was important to me. They are very helpful when taking your money and helping you choose products but if tech support actually has to work to help you out with any of those products you are out of luck. I sent many numerous emails and made phone calls to no avail, jsut stuck with program they will not support any more and no website. Seems they are more concerned with superbowl commercials and getting new customers rather than satisfying the needs of the ones they have. GoDaddy really does suck, so glad I found others who think so too.

    Comment by Dawn Pasquarell | July 28, 2006

  84. Dear Shits,
    Your business will not be missed. We frankly will not fix your shit because you have no clue what your doing. For the most part the rest of the country doesnt know what they are doing. We provide service to the majority, and provide a simple interface for people to learn and someone thats not in india to speak to. So billy joe bob can make a website about his fucking dog and release his self recorded country album featuring a picture of him and his AR-22 assault rifle slapped together in three seconds of self gratification in our website builder (which I admit i dont like) which gave him a momentary laps of self gratification that he didnt have to fucken spend 3,000 dollars on your fucking punk asses and get your shitty support (or lack there of) he could call us (even at 3 a.m. on christmas morning). Your not happy with the service. Fine. I bet you fuckheads got a refund didnt you. The only reason you might not of got a refund is if you broke our universal terms of service probably for reasons like which are what your posting about on here. Theres more people where you came from, there will always be someone else bitching why or why not we are a good or a bad company. You know what, I dont care, and I bet the majority of the people that read this blog dont care or wont care (especially when they try out some of our competitors and try and get ANY support)

    Frankly Youve all been customers at one point and time or another, and youve all had your complaints, trust me ive heard them, and I have fired more than a few employees over them. But no one cares. Because regardless if you self-rightous fucktards that are so high and mighty that you know everything about every product and all web hosting that you cant get any of your shit to work, you could still call and bitch out one of our representatives who was more than happy to take your shit and at least make some attempt and trying to figure out the problem.

    The beggining of this post was to figure out an issue with wordpress on a hosting account. I use wordpress myself on a godaddy hosting account. I dont have any problems with widgets, themes, coding php, or anything along those lines, I have asked server admins for support and they will even turn me down. WordPress is not godaddys product, they didnt make it, and Ive even starting asking the admins to make the product on our supported list, which they have products that they do connect perfectly with. Mainly since godaddy offers thier own blog, they dont really have a reason to offer support for another companies blog. We do offer some free blog software with our hosting accounts (which is why i suggested it for our free hosting accounts later, they have shown interest). As stated by our friend before, it is up to you to keep pressing for things to be the way you want, as soon as more than one hopeless crying voice is heard, they start to take interest. “They arent going to take a serious interest into fixing what they dont consider broken” as one of the admins told me. Anyways. If you want it done, send it to our suggestions box.

    In closing,
    Fuck you, we have Candice Michelle.

    Comment by GD Supervisor | July 28, 2006

  85. “…But no one cares.”

    And that my friends, is why GoDaddy is a horrible business. Thank you GD Supervisor, for proving everyone here right.

    Comment by Dashiell | July 28, 2006

  86. Thank you for this site and other sites especially the rude comments from the godaddy employees. I just cancelled my hosting with godaddy because it is horrible and the uptime was pathetic. And I now and looking into moving my 7 other domains to another domain registar.

    If any sensible godaddy high-ups read this you should really not let your employees make asses of themselves and further cement in other people’s mind how horrible goddaddy does business and support.

    also I came from here after looking up why godaddys hosting was so slow which I found through a search portal

    Comment by Alyssa | July 31, 2006

  87. @GD Supervisor

    Wow, you have Candice Michelle… a plasticised bimbo. Thats justification for your arguement. Oh yeah, I like how you didn’t use your real name, coward.

    Anyways, to attack the issue and stop mud flinging, GoDaddy is a poorly run company. I used to work in the Scottsdale location a while back. When I was trained, they taught me to use Dale Carnegie’s high pressure selling techniques. I was required to upsell on every call and the floor manager instructed me to get rid of calls where there is no potential for a sale. I was tolded by my superviser and floor lead that this job is not a tech support position, but a sales positions. They have a department called retention which is rsponsible for outbound sales.

    Also, GoDaddy sells defective products. Traffic Blazer is a perfect example. I was told that it automatically submits your site to various search engines and can potentially increase your search ranking. The problem with TB is that Google, Yahoo, MSN do not accept automatic site submissions. Knowing this I asked my supervisor the value of this program and he said just sell it, there is a link in the program to Google’s site submission form. Nice. Oh yeah, try to call tech support for help with Stealth Ray.

    I found it strange that GoDaddy employes, at the time I was there, no female supervisors, directors, managers, or leads. The higher ups in the company are all male. GoDaddy is a walking EEOC violation just waiting to happen. I suggested to a fellow female employee to file a complaint at a 706 agency because of this.

    Comment by Evan | August 3, 2006

  88. Out Reach, not retention (brain fart).

    Comment by Evan | August 3, 2006

  89. I totally agree with the complaints about GoDaddy. I started out on a free web service (, but that was outgrowing my needs, so I switched to godaddy. Things were actually WORSE at godaddy. They won’t give you permissions to create temporary tables or lock tables, which my free host and seveeral paid hosts will, such as brinkster. This makes Drupal , a common CMS, incompatible with their servers without a hack. I’m not saying they should support Drupal, but they should make sure that their MySQL installation is not crippled. People from Drupal have complained about this, but they have refused to change. When asked why, they said they don’t want to. Also, they have several scripts that can automatically be installed. Half of these didnt work when I tried them. Why do they even have these in their control panel then? Also, their database servers are slower than anything I’ve ever seen. It commonly takes minutes to load my website even over a broadband connection. I not talking every visit or so, but almost all the time. I’m moving to Brinkster as soon as I can. I hope GoDaddy cleans up their act.

    Comment by Leaving Godaddy | August 7, 2006

  90. Yeh, godaddy sux. First, why cant they get a toll-free number? They can afford a super bowl commericial, but not a toll-free? They say thats to keep there prices down, but the consumer ends up paying the different anyway through his/her telephone bill. No arguments against that. But, I know thats a small reason why godaddy sux. Someone should really start a website with a domain name of it’s own (not registered at godaddy!) where people can leave complaints about godaddy. I hope someone will do that soon.

    Comment by Andrew | August 11, 2006

  91. Actually, GoDaddy does have a toll-free number, 1-866-Go-Daddy. They don’t advertise it; however, they have one. When I worked there, they told me not to give it out to anyone; however, I gave it to all of my callers (I had the highest customer satisfaction rating of all time when I was there). It was even my email signature. Just to piss of the QA department, I would tell my callers that I would call them back so that our call was on Bob Parson’s dime (QA hated that because they cannot monitor outbound calls).

    Comment by Evan | August 15, 2006

  92. Geez what could I say that hasn’t already been said? GoDaddy currently holds my business data hostage. My domain expired 14 days ago and they moved it (domain) to a ‘redemption’ thing. Basically means that my site appears to visitors with GoDaddy’s giant announcement that my company didn’t pay it’s bill on time – say goodbye to customers – and will only restore my ONE DOLLAR domain name after I pay them EIGHTY to re-register.

    Now, I want to move my site to another host and just leave them behind but I can’t even download my site files, nor my customer data etc. EVEN THOUGH my hosting charges are paid and up to date. I can’t FTP via IP, I can’t use GoDaddy’s built in piece of crap control panel, nothing. Any lawyers reading this?

    Comment by ONSITE123 | August 15, 2006

  93. PS – They also don’t seem to be able to cancel an account when you want them to and have destroyed my company data on more than one occasion. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to have at least a GD-side backup in case THEY screw up. Luckily WE were backed up at the time.

    They have cost my company at least 6 months in man-hours now that the site has to be rebuilt and all the data re-entered into my ‘still to be rebuilt’ CRM. I’ll have to re-name my company and the domain and start all over again.

    Okay, I’m done now. 🙂

    Comment by ONSITE123 | August 15, 2006

  94. sob 😦 … you should tell me sooner about this thing (or at least make your homepage into the frontpage of search engine when i search about godaddy review), because i just bought a new domain name & economic hosting package TODAY!!! and after reading at several websites, it seems that godaddy is really sucks … unfortunately that’s to late for me … i’ll just wait for what happen to me (at least they won’t call me because i lived in a very very faaar land from them) … lol … anyway i just canceled the auto renew billing because i dont feel secured at godaddy after reading your page and several other pages

    Comment by Reaper-X | August 15, 2006

  95. @ Reaper-X

    You should be able to get a refund. I know that if I were still working there, I would refund your money. I would keep your domain at GoDaddy and move your hosting to another company. For domains, GoDaddy is okay I guess; however, their hosting sucks big time. If you decide to keep it, switch the OS over to Linux, as their Windows hosting is f-cked up big time.


    Yep, that sucks. During my time there, I heard that story many times. GoDaddy is like a leech, I heard that GoDaddy is hold approximately 2000 domains hostage at any given time. Nice job Bob Parsons!!!

    Comment by Evan | August 16, 2006

  96. In fairness, I should note that GoDaddy sends me numerous e-mail messages whenever I have a domain that’s about to expire. In fact, let me go count them…

    I got an email at 90 days, at 60 days, at 30 days, at 15 days and finally at 5 days prior to the expiration of the domain.

    That’s a LOT of e-mail to miss prior to your domain expiration.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | August 16, 2006

  97. @ Michael Hampton

    They do send a lot of renewal reminder emails; however, they try to get you to renew for either 5 or 10 years. That way they make a nice profit. Their sales pitch is that the longer you register a domai, the higher that domain will be ranked in Google (which is B.S. btw).

    Comment by Evan | August 17, 2006

  98. #95 Evan

    Actually im using the linux hosting, btw yesterday i just email the godaddy support for some serious question but hasnt received any reply from them until now (at least in my country)

    the question i sent to godaddy is why my website always return 302 status header instead of 200, and i can’t use any 301 redirect, no matter what i do every page in my site always return 302 / temporary moved status header …

    although i did received answer, the first answers from them is like this :

    Your question has been received. You should expect a response within 24 hours.

    This is your Incident ID: XxxxxX


    and 5 hours later i get another email from them which looks like this :

    Your Support Request Is Being Reviewed

    Due to its complex nature, your issue has been relayed to our Advanced Technical Support Team. Our most skilled technicians will be working to resolve your issue quickly and completely. You will be notified promptly upon resolution.

    This is your Incident ID: XxxxxX


    And just a note, after doing some research i’ve found out other site hosted by godaddy is always return the 302 status header, just in case you didnt trust me here’s the list and you can check it by yourself :

    [Large list of spam sites removed — Ed.]

    Comment by Reaper-X | August 21, 2006

  99. “In fairness, I should note that GoDaddy sends me numerous e-mail messages whenever I have a domain that’s about to expire. In fact, let me go count them…
    I got an email at 90 days, at 60 days, at 30 days, at 15 days and finally at 5 days prior to the expiration of the domain.
    That’s a LOT of e-mail to miss prior to your domain expiration.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | August 16, 2006”

    True enough, but it’s also about my previous experiences with my other domains at GD. 2 other domains have still not come down even though I haven’t paid for them AND I called and requested they be cancelled and removed as they were abandoned long-ago.

    So even though I knew it was coming due, I wasn’t sweating it because my previous experience with GD dictated that my site would be fine – at least for a lousy couple of days till the next paycheck.

    It’s really about fair business practices and consistency in company policy. The GD reps who have posted here have made remarks that demonstrate poor training in customer service and a lack of respect for the very people who put food on their tables. That’s why GD sucks.

    Comment by ONSITE123 | August 21, 2006

  100. I backordered a domain with them. The backorder was unsuccessful but when I look who now owns the domain… It is a company affiliated with godaddy and has godaddy links all over it … fucking criminals. I paid them $20 bucks to steal the domain I backordered… nice

    Comment by Frank | August 21, 2006

  101. @ Reaper-X

    I seem to remember running into that problem before. Most likely, GD’s linux servers are improperly configured across their domain. FYI, every time someone receives a response like “your issue has been relayed to our Advanced Technical Support Team”, it means they have no idea what’s going on. Their ATS department (or tiger team) is not very good. I’d bet money that ATS is going to have to work with GD’s NOC center (network operations center) to solve this. I hope that the technician that reviewed your email actually escalated your problem. Sometimes GD employees don’t escalate when they say they will (I assume it is because they are lazy).

    Comment by Evan | August 22, 2006

  102. I wonder why that email said Advanced Technical Support when it should have said Advanced Hosting Support. If your support request was escalated to ATS, they will not respond because it is not their department. Hopefully the issue was escalated to AHS instead.

    Comment by Evan | August 22, 2006

  103. @ Reaper-X

    If you redesigned one, some, or all of the pages of your Web site, but want to maintain your current search engine rankings, you can redirect Web site traffic from your old pages to the new pages without losing your rankings using a “301 redirect.”

    Search engine spiders will transfer your page rank and update any back links to the old page onto the new page when you use a 301 redirect. The code “301” is interpreted as “moved permanently.”

    For example, you can redirect traffic from oldpage.php (.asp or .jsp) to “” and retain your search engine ranking and back links.

    Use the code below to redirect traffic to your pages using a 301Redirect.

    PHP Code – save this as oldpagename.php

    ASP Code – save this as oldpagename.asp

    JSP Code – save this as oldpagename.jsp

    If none of the above commands work, then their servers are messed up.

    Comment by Evan | August 22, 2006

  104. Damn feed back options doesn’t support code. Go to to see the code.

    Comment by Evan | August 22, 2006

  105. I have to say even though the GoDaddy employee uses some language and phrases that take from his credibility, his posts make sense. I’m hosting with godaddy and have no problems with them. I’ve got a dedicated server and I can do anything I want with it.

    Why would you expect them to fix your code. I had code that worked perfectly on my local box but when I moved it to my dedicated server it broke. (That was my old server which I’m moving sites off of and on to my godaddy sercer). Then I put the code on my godaddy server and it still didn’t work. Why should they fix it though. I figured it out myself.

    If you have a dedicated or virtual dedicated and you’re complaining about godaddy’s service I hope you mean that your server crashed and they refused to get it back up or you couldn’t log in to your account or for some reason your service was interrupted. If it’s because they didn’t fix something that you think should work the way it is programmed you need to get a clue.

    Comment by Tyler | August 24, 2006

  106. @ Tyler

    I agree with you. Scripting issues are not Go Daddy’s problem; however, Go Daddy’s employees should know how to at least point their customers in the right direction. I was suprised, when I worked there, to find out how many employees did not know about Go Daddy’s help website.

    Comment by Evan | August 25, 2006

  107. Let me start by saying this is the most bizarre event I have seen in over 30 years of debugging network problems.

    The problem:
    Got a call from a client saying they had Internet access but could not connect to their hosted website or read their email.
    Domain name, website and email all hosted by This used to work fine.

    The Analysis:
    Connected to their website and email account from my ISP. Works fine. Went to their office, could not connect to either.
    Every other site on the Internet worked fine.
    Got an Ethereal trace of the http connection. All it saw was the SYN being sent, no SYN/ACK. Could it be a routing problem?
    Tried to telnet to the on port 25. Connection refused : “Your IP address is blocked by rbsl”
    Bingo. The client ISP had given them a new Ip address.
    The client ISP does not block outgoing port 25, hence they are subject to blackhole listings (idiots).

    The Solution:
    Called godaddy tech support. Explained the problem. Follows the conversation:
    GD: Everything looks fine from our end.
    ME: But why can’t I connect to your email server, it says the IP address is blocked.
    (15 minutes and MANY iterations later)
    GD: We can’t tell you why it was blocked, but we have auto removed the blocking.
    ME. OK – the email works now, but the web site still does not repsond.
    GD: Everthing looks fine on our end.
    Could this be related to the email blocking?
    GD: Just a minute please.
    (10 minutes on hold)
    (A Cheery voice responds)
    GDS: Hello I’m the Supervisor, can I help you?
    ME: Reiterated the whole *&&*$%^ story.
    GDS: Everything looks fine on our end. Did you Google the problem?
    Could this be related to the email blocking?
    GDS: I don’t know.
    ME: Don’t you think that it could be a problem at GoDaddy?
    GDS: I don’t know.
    ME: Well, can I talk with someone who could know?
    GDS: I don’t know.
    ME: Thank you (you fucking asshole). Goodbye. Hung up.
    Got a new IP address in a different netblock, everything is OK now.

    Real Solution:
    Do NOT,repeat, do NOT go near these idiots or even think about using their products.

    Comment by Bizzarro | August 26, 2006

  108. #101 @Evan

    Yes, actually they’re trying their best by editing the function.php in wp-includes because they say there’s conflict between the fastcgi and wordpress (and they do edit the file because i compare both files and saw the difference but i think i dont need to put it in here) … but … the 302 status header problem still exist (anyway they’ve tried their best)

    #103 @Evan

    I already know about the 301 redirection or permanent redirect because i already use it to redirect some of my old permalink and few other. But no matter what status redirect you put in the htaccess file it’ll always return a 302 status header, and the homepage itself always return 302 status header. But now i’ve already changed into another host (actually after i wrote my last comment here i already sign up with another hosting service but got suspended within just 2 days after sign up and now i’ve found another host)

    And the conclusion is :

    i dont have any problem with godaddy in every aspect because i can override the php config, etc except with their status header and the redirection issue (just as i said before i cant use 301 redirect). and in my last comment here i already put a big list of another website hosted by godaddy and they’re returning the same 302 status header like me (but the admin think its a spam so they deleted it)

    so if you just want a small / medium homepage, or dont even care about status header, logfiles, cpanel or fantastico (well they has their own control panel and offer some 1 click installation software for all your CMS website needs if you don’t want to upload all of your files) and and such stuff, godaddy is still the best choice because of its price .. lol (for someone who’s came from 3rd world country like me, price does matter) 😀

    Comment by Reaper-X | September 1, 2006

  109. is the best.

    Comment by lokiku | September 4, 2006

  110. @ lokiku

    If by “best” you mean “most expensive and least worth that expense”, then yes, Register.dom is the best.

    Comment by Yark | September 5, 2006

  111. I would just like to respond to ‘bizzaros’ comment. I am very sorry for the trouble that you went through in getting your IP address blocked. There are several things that our servers check when sending mail to/from the servers. One big part is RDNS. Every IP address must have a valid RDNS in order to send email TO Godaddy’s email servers or they will get blocked…simple as that. Another reason why people get blocked is because of a bogus helo. If you RDNS points to one domain, then your helo says something totally different, again, you will get blocked. There has been several people calling because they are in fact blocked by our email servers. You were probably right, we were blocking you, and again I apologize for the trouble you went through. But, our servers dont block anyone for no reason. You had to have done something that our servers didnt like. (SPAM/bogous helo/RDNS) We abide by the ARIN rules on what defines RDNS. Chances are you were blocked because of a bad helo or you are in fact a SPAMMER. I love it when you people call in and say ‘I am being blocked and I dont know why’. You know that all we need to unblock you 99.9% of the time is just reassurance that you fixed the issue before and you will get unblocked. But no, you people that bitch and blame our servers because of something YOU had misconfigured.

    With that said, the godaddy person you talked to may have been lacking knowledge at the time about wtf you were talking about because they didnt ask for a bounce. I think your the true moron because if Godaddy blocks anyone, they will tell you in a bounce message. 99% of the time, if we are blocking your IP, you will get a ‘553 error blocked because of excessive SPAM, please go to ect…’

    So I will leave you with that and let you know that you are and the rest of these dumbasses that dont have a legit issue are morons.

    O yea, and if you do an IP whois, you will see that my ISP is not the same as what Godaddy uses, its called a proxy 🙂

    Comment by Bizarro Answer | September 5, 2006

  112. @ Bizarro Answer

    Nice try. Godaddy may be blocking IP addresses because of spam; however, if you simply pay a $199 dollar fine, th IP address is unblocked. How does that make sense? “You’re a spammer! Give us $200 dollars and you can keep spamming!” Godaddy got busted for blocking 1400 domain names in Russia. It turns out that Godaddy messed up. The company Godaddy claimed was responsible is The truth is that Majordome was not responsible and GOdaddy refused to reveal their evidence. In the end, Godaddy made a major mistake and refused to correct it. Their $200 admin fee for unblocking domains is simply extortion. I know how easy it is to unblock a domain.

    Also, is a very unreliable rbl. does not research claims very well and ip addresses often get blocked because someone claim they received spam for this source. No actual research is being done. Many companies have abandoned rbls in favor of sophisticated spam blocking software that is much more reliable.

    Comment by Evan | September 6, 2006

  113. Ive had my domains hosted with for about 6mo now and have had no problems. It doesnt say much about their support but it says alot about their service.

    Although i find it a little disturbing that someone supposedly working for this huge company would speak to customers the way he did here. It shows lack of professionalism and a childish attitude.

    Comment by Victor | September 6, 2006

  114. Hi,

    I work for as well. Any opinions expressed here are my own and not theirs, and is actually pretty much just idle speculation as to business strategy:

    2 Scenarios:

    A.) There’s a perflecty running server that throws an error when running an erroneous script a customer wrote. They check everything over throughoughly, looks like a server problem. They flip out, try to tell us they’ve checked everything and REALLY FOR SURE its not a scripting error but we say sorry, it’s the code, no can help – and they take their business elsewhere. We’re ok with this.

    B.) There is something set wrong internally on a server that makes a script the customer is running fail. They check everything over throughoughly, looks like a server problem. They flip out, try to tell us they’ve checked everything and REALLY FOR SURE its not a scripting error but we say sorry, no can help, it’s the code, – and they take their business elsewhere. We’re ok with this.

    A. occours about 99.5 % of the time, and the amount of $$ required to separate out all the Bs from that sea of As would put us out of business. So, shit happens. We deal in volume. If you feel like one of those 99.5 come host with us.

    Comment by Matt | September 10, 2006

  115. I find it funny that a Godaddy employee searched for “Godaddy sucks”. It sort of makes me think that all GoDaddy employees naturally feel that their company sucks and they need verification. I’d like to share a tip with everyone, if you do a search for (whatever) sucks then maybe you are not happy with (whatever’s) service. I also find it interesting that happy GoDaddy customers would do a google search for GoDaddy sucks.

    Comment by Evan | September 10, 2006

  116. Hi – About GoDaddy ….
    I agree with every word about their expertise and service -or lack thereoff – :

    We are a “small” hosting business in South Africa, and have been using a godaddy VDS for 12 months now…

    You are right – they wont update or install anything for us. They will not [ or cannot ] even tell us how to update mysql, php, phpmyadmin, etc..

    BUT – In 12 months we have never had a second of down time. A little feather in the godaddy cap..

    We are not experts – we dont know how to install software onto the server.. We dont know how to update old stuff ..
    I dont think most of the “900” godaddy employees know either.

    Any suggestions on better stable and eliable servers ?
    Any suggestions on where to go to learn how to install and update software on the godaddy servers – VDS and Dedicated?

    Assistance or advise will be greatly appreciated …


    Comment by Stephane | September 16, 2006

  117. Stephane, are you sure you wanted to leave your company’s web site address along with that story? It’s not going to look good to your customers and prospective customers that you admit you aren’t competent to offer your services.

    You are already supposed to know how to manage the server if you purchase an unmanaged VDS or dedicated server from anyone, not just GoDaddy. It’s not their responsibility to help you administer the server.

    Otherwise, you are supposed to do this yourself, or hire someone to do it for you. Try starting by reading the manual for the operating system you’re using.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | September 16, 2006

  118. […] Caveat: Maria won’t like this, as she’s just moved all her sites to GoDaddy, but from the install notes: Bad Behavior does not work with GoDaddy hosting services. This is due to a misconfigured reverse proxy which GoDaddy uses. GoDaddy has been notified of the problem but refuses to fix it. Your best bet is to not use GoDaddy web hosting services for any reason. For more information on this issue see […]

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  119. […] Caveat: Maria won’t like this, as she’s just moved all her sites to GoDaddy, but from the install notes: Bad Behavior does not work with GoDaddy hosting services. This is due to a misconfigured reverse proxy which GoDaddy uses. GoDaddy has been notified of the problem but refuses to fix it. Your best bet is to not use GoDaddy web hosting services for any reason. For more information on this issue see […]

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  120. […] This is significant because for a very long time GoDaddy web hosting users could not run Bad Behavior, due to an apparently misconfigured reverse proxy which GoDaddy was running. The problem went unresolved for well over a year. […]

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  121. I use 1&1 and I have had no problem and there tech support guys are vary helpful. They are also the #1 web host in the world for 2006 and have about I would say at least 10 awards and they use Geotrust for there SSL like 128 bit encrip. so I think you should use 1&1 becaues there tech guys aren’t ass holes. I mean yea 1&1 has some problems and I was thinking of going to go daddy becaues they are cheap but I am going to stick with 1&1.
    I DON’T WORK FOR THEM so check them out oh and you don’t have as many ads. They are a great company and they have a script checker in there Control pannel and There tech guys will normally fix it by that day or as soon as they can depends on the problem so I have to thank the godaddy guy from stopping me from going to them
    Thanks all of you for giving me some warning I am just mad I actually thought godaddy was better.

    Comment by jeff | September 21, 2006

  122. Wow this post is hilarious. Can anyone explain what they mean when they say Godadday can’t do mod_rewrites? I’m fairly new to php and rewriting, but I’ve been rewriting php files to static urls for a while with Godaddy hosting. What specifically doesn’t work? I had some major frustrations as usual and would like to know if there’s is something I can avoid in the future to have less of a hastle.

    Comment by Danny | September 21, 2006

  123. I have many websites on several different hosts. I just started my first godaddy site for someone.

    FTP in a word “blows”! I have never in all my years had such horrible problems, blocking calls, timeouts, connection refused, too many users… I have used different computers, ISP’s, ftp tools…same crap. I would say 7 of 10 ftp’s bail out for one reason or another.

    Did same file uploads to one of my other accounts, smooth and reliable as usual.

    I’m ditching godaddy hosting asap.

    Comment by Steampouringoutofears | September 25, 2006

  124. I have a Virtual Private Server through GoDaddy (not for long), and I have had serious performance issues for awhile now. At first, their useless tech-support told me I had too many TCP sockets open and that was causing the perf. problem (I checked, there were 16 open connections to the server). Then they told me that I was using too much memory, so I shut down EVERY service on the VPS except sshd including MySQL, Apache, etc. It STILL took between 10 and 30 seconds to ‘ls’ a directory with 10 or 15 files in it. Today, the server got SLOW (again). I requested a reboot via the web-interface, and the server never came back. I’m looking for a new VPS elsewhere. GoDaddy has gotten enough of my $35/month.

    Comment by Kelly | September 28, 2006

  125. Kelly, did you look in the sidebar here? 🙂

    Comment by Michael Hampton | September 28, 2006

  126. I actually host all my sites at and have never had any problem with any of them. No problems with FTP, no problems with their control panels, no problems with forwarding, nothing. I’ve never had to use customer service. I like the range of scripts/addons they supply even with their cheapest hosting plan. I like how easy it is to install them, and work with them. Their free hosting does suck (tried it for about 10 minutes) but their paid hosting is just fine for me.

    Now, I’m sure I’m not the most sophisticated user out there. But I’ve been designing sites since 1995, and I’ve had quite a few truly crappy experiences, so I can say with great sincerity that I am completely happy with godaddy. BTW, I live in Canada, and am NOT in any way affiliated with the company …

    Comment by Nina | October 9, 2006

  127. I would like to add some information based upon my own experience with and the email portion of their hosting. Their hosting service is a whole issue unto itself. Since moving my web site to them earlier this year, legitimate received emails have dropped by well over 50 percent. I have had a webmaster that tried to email me but was blocked. When he tried to learn why, GoDaddy told them that there were foreign characters being used. There were none. Many other emails from people were blocked for no reason. The scary thing is not knowing or hearing from people who tried to contact me but assumed that I was not answering them. I’ve tried many times to find out why from GoDaddy but have often been given the bull line that it is my ISP’s doing. A few tech people have at least honestly admitted that GoDaddy blocks email from any domain or IP address that a SPAM email has come from. That is, from the less known domains or IPs. The larger ones such as Yahoo or hotmail are allowed. The problem is, for business people such as myself, most of my customers use domains hosted with smaller regional hosts. GoDaddy’s setup ends up blocking a large portion of legitimate emails from my client base yet allow the real SPAM to get through. If they really gave a damn, they would revise their policy.

    Comment by Greg | October 11, 2006

  128. GoDaddy’s SPAM problem is caused by their dependency on RBLs. is not very reliable. My ISP (Cox) uses filtering software that is not based on RBLs and it is very accurate (IMHO). Their IPO failed failed because Bob Parsons refused to make corrections that the venture capital company required (mainly the SPAM, unreliable hosting, and domain forwarding problems). I’ll give Bob credit, his spin on the failed IPO was cleaver. B.S., but cleaver.

    Comment by Evan | October 12, 2006

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