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Welcome to the Coke side of life

The Coca-Cola Company will introduce a new advertising slogan in 2006, along with new energy drinks and sodas.

Next year, it will introduce Coca-Cola Blak, a coffee-flavored drink that will be marketed as an energy beverage and soda. Coca-Cola will also debut an advertising slogan, “Welcome to the Coke side of life,” in 2006. . . .

Coca-Cola Blak will debut in France in January and move into other countries, including the U.S., next year. . . .

The company continues to make new soft drinks. It is developing a citrus-flavored energy soda called Vault in addition to Coca-Cola Blak.

Earlier this year, the company introduced calorie-free Coca-Cola Zero, which tastes similar to Coca-Cola Classic, and it reformulated Diet Coke with Splenda sweetener.

Coca-Cola recently started selling black cherry vanilla-flavored Coke and Diet Coke and said it will stop selling Diet Coke with Lemon, Vanilla Coke and Diet Vanilla Coke because of weak demand. — Bloomberg News

You heard it here first.


December 8, 2005 - Posted by | Coca-Cola,

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  1. Always look on the Coke siiide of life!
    Do do! Do do Do do do do!

    (With apologies to Monty Python… and to IO Error.)

    Comment by Kelson | December 9, 2005

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