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Something got unleashed…but it wasn’t lunacy, not exactly

I had a great day out today. (Yeah, I know the blog says Monday, but it is still Sunday in this universe.) Becca and I went out for breakfast to a little restaurant in a small town about 15 miles west of Madison, and not only was it a whole lot of good food, it was cheap. The only down side is my phone has no signal at all there. I hate Sprint PCS.

Anyway, after that we went back to her place, and I embarked on what should have been a simple task: download an Ethernet driver for Windows Me, install it, and get the computer working with the SBC Yahoo! DSL connection. Only problem was, the DSL connection had never been set up before! So I spent about half an hour on the phone with tech support trying to get things like the VPI and VCI out of them to manually set up the 2wire router, which I finally got set up, but then I had to register, and SBC’s registration site apparently only works with Internet Explorer. Which, uh, doesn’t run on my Linux box.

So after struggling with this for a while, I finally just hacked the page source, every other page, and finally got the account registered and the modem configured. An hour and a half gone. So SBC’s tech support is useless (what do you expect, they’re in the Philippines) AND their registration only works on IE. Whose stupid idea was that? How am I supposed to recommend this product given this piss-poor first impression?

Anyway, so I finally got it working, found the driver, burned it to CD, installed it on the target computer, and got it online. Then the next four hours was spent on: updating the anti-virus software, installing anti-spyware software, running Windows Update about five times, installing Firefox and Thunderbird, and removing all the Internet Exploder and Outbreak Express icons. Installing Acrobat Reader. Et cetera.

By this time it’s about 5 pm, and I’ve done about all I can do except for maybe defragment the disk, and it’s running about as well as it will given that it’s Windows fucking Me.

We briefly discussed the idea of eating, but that quickly fell by the wayside, and we wound up doing something else entirely. Next thing I know, it’s a bit after 7 pm, and she has to go work on a paper. So she takes me home, and off she goes.

I think I mentioned the other day that I’ve known her for 10 years or more. In all that time I never quite realized just how much we have in common. Our political views, for instance, are almost completely identical, and if you’ve read my political views, you’ll realize that virtually nobody agrees with me on everything. Or even close. And even little idiosyncratic things, like wearing a particular coat almost every day of the year, regardless of weather. She has a trenchcoat, I have a jacket. Same difference.

Where was I? Oh yes. So she and I are going to try to get together again this week, time permitting. I certainly hope I can spend a lot more time with her. We have about 10 years of catching up to do. And I realize I missed her.

Something’s definitely been unleashed tonight. Maybe it was lunacy. We’re both insane, after all. 🙂


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