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Bad Behavior 1.2.1

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Bad Behavior 1.2.1 has been released to address issues people are having with whitelists not working, and with Google Desktop causing users to be blocked from the site. Bad Behavior is the Web’s premier link spam killer, protecting blogs, wikis, forums and CMS systems all over the Internet.

Obviously we’re not all perfect. A ridiculous omission caused Bad Behavior’s new whitelisting feature to simply not work. In order for whitelisting to work, install Bad Behavior 1.2.1. In addition, Google’s new Google Desktop is sending invalid HTTP headers to every site its users visit, causing Bad Behavior 1.2 sites to blacklist them.

Access will be automatically restored to affected users within 48 hours of installing the update, or you can empty the bad_behavior_log table after installing the update to restore access to affected users immediately.

Both of these issues have been fixed, so download Bad Behavior now!

Oh, and the next time I release software for testing, TEST it!


August 26, 2005 - Posted by | Bad Behavior, Blog Spam, WordPress


  1. Bad Behavior 1.2.1

    Lunacy Unleashed IOError has released a bug fix regarding the whitelist in the invaluable Bad Behaivor plugin. Get it Now.

    Trackback by WordPress Station | August 26, 2005

  2. I’ll update this site ASAP, thanks Michael 🙂

    Comment by Donncha | August 26, 2005

  3. matt and the mikecam save the world

    Last night, Matt managed to get himself blocked from the MikeCam by an anti-spam plugin I’m using called “Bad Behavior” when he installed Google Desktop 2 and used it to try and add an RSS feed from my blog. As it turns out, Matt&#8…

    Trackback by The MikeCam | August 26, 2005

  4. Donncha, thanks, but the issue doesn’t affect either 🙂

    Comment by Michael Hampton | August 26, 2005

  5. […] Bad Behavior has been upgraded to version 1.2.1, so I have confirmed that the Drupal-BadBehavior module is compatible with the changes that have been made. […]

    Pingback by David Angier Blog » Bad Behavior Upgrade | August 31, 2005

  6. Michael:

    Have you had reports of 1.2.1 causing people issues? I finally got around to doing an upgrade today and have had multiple reports of issues, with people both on and without firewalls who didn’t have issues with the last version I’d installed [1.1.4]. I deactivated, overwrote files, and reactivated in every situation, too, so I’m a bit miffed …

    Comment by Geof F. Morris | September 19, 2005

  7. Geof, yes, I’ve heard of issues with 1.2.1, and all of them have been traced to one or more of the following causes:

    A proxy server stripping HTML headers and making the user look like a spammer
    A newly received dynamic IP address, where the previous holder of the IP address was sending spam
    A user whose computer has been compromised and is itself sending spam

    Your users having problems are going to fall into the first and third categories, most likely.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | September 20, 2005

  8. Hmmmm. I’ll investigate further.

    Comment by Geof F. Morris | September 20, 2005

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