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Google Desktop can’t read RSS feeds with Bad Behavior installed

Due to a bug in Google Desktop, Bad Behavior is blocking access to it when it tries to download users’ RSS feeds. I’ve sent a message to Google (though I don’t really expect much to happen) and I’ll see if I can have a workaround in place shortly.

Affected users will see “Web Clip Error: Unknown error” in the Google Desktop.

FeedBurner users who use the FeedBurner .htaccess redirects are not affected by this issue. (And since I’m one of them, I never noticed.)

I have a ticket [#32426362] from Google for this issue. If you are seeing this, you can contact and place the ticket number, with the brackets, in the subject line, and let them know you are adversely affected by this issue. Also run the program located at and include the diagnostic output that it gives in your message.


August 25, 2005 - Posted by | Bad Behavior, Google


  1. Oh, also note that new releases of Bad Behavior have worked around this issue, so if you’re seeing this problem, update Bad Behavior.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | October 26, 2005

  2. I have received this warning to contact but am unable to do so. Also, I have google as a desktop icon but have to click it to get google to load along the right hand vertical page of my desktop before the drop down menu appears. What do I need to do to automatically load google without having to go from the desk top icon? Thanks

    Comment by Don Drewett | November 22, 2005

  3. bonjour je demande ce qui ce passe avec google desktop ..j’aimerais avoir tout ce qui ce rapporte à google en français …s..v..p..merci by by bonne journée

    Comment by rollande | November 22, 2005

  4. This is not a forum for help with Google Desktop.

    Comment by Michael Hampton | November 22, 2005

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